I'm looking for a feeling...

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Feb 11, 2011
... Or a thought. Hopefully someone could help me out :thup:

On the advice of my pro, after finishing the battery of 5 lessons, he's advised I go out and play over the spring, summer and autumn and work on what was discussed in the lssons, then go back, if I want to, over the winter and work on specifics.

So far, things are going well, but I have an issue, on occasion, with my shoulders following my hips at the start of te downswing. They sometimes follow my hips instead of resisting, resulting in a pull.

Last night I was hittig everything either straight, a slight push or drawing the ball, which I'm happy with as I'm bearly losing anything left, apart from an "over draw" and the odd pull (as above) put me in a bit of bother on occasion.

The thought/feeling I have at the minute is to keep my chest over the ball into impact and see the club hit the ball.

I would also add that the pull tends to be when I try and hit the ball too hard rather than make a swing.

Any thoughts appreciated.


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Jan 7, 2012
"Last night I was hitting everything either straight, a slight push or drawing the ball."

this is why I am currently happy with my some what unorthodox swing. I know I can move the ball one way or another. my stock shot is a hook / draw. if there is room I will be bringing it in right to left. if the pin is tight on the right I will aim to hit the middle of the green.

if im pushed, by being blocked out, I will hit a bit of a cut but it is not my strongest shot atm.

my main worry with people who try to hit straight shots is that they don't know where the ball is going to end up. right , left or straight.

i am working on hitting straight shots but i suffer from the same results. for them mean time i am going to stick to working the ball in some way. next winter i am going to put my efforts into hitting a real straight ball.

for now i am going to stick with the consistent shape i have. i recommend up find your own shape and stick to it.

a quote from Sergio a while back was " i don't think I've ever hit it straight in my life". i know what he is saying! the thing is, he knows where it is going to finish up!

i cant help with the technicalities but this is my thoughts on it!


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Feb 2, 2009
Pause at the top.
What goes back goes back together, what comes down comes down together
Start the downswing with the arms first


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Sep 22, 2009
Seeing the club hit the ball, for me, is they key. I think that if you stick to that you will groove a better swing. I would add slow rhythm from the top, works really well too.


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May 14, 2010
I'm having the hooks and pulls too (over a month or so) and on those days where I lose focus I get very hooky. I also hit more pulls (over the top swing) when I'm tired towards the end of a round.

A feeling is what I'm after too!
What has been working for me is an additional bit of coil against a solid right hip. This gives me a ball starting right quarter and drawing back to middle. Now I just need to soften that draw a touch and I'll be happy with a shot I can reproduce.

Other things I've tried that worked but I couldn't maintain
Bob's Pause at the top
Bob's start down with the arms.
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Aug 22, 2010
Similar boat as yourself! Suffered with hooks last year but after seeing bob all was cured! Well so I thought, after a good while the hooks returned about a month ago. As you stated yourself more so when when going for one with the driver. Worked out I was spinning out of the shot and hips and shoulders opening out and there is only one place the ball was going.

I've been working really hard on this the last week and so far things are getting better. Sorry I can't think of any feelings but I try and see my hands pass groin before releasing and pointing my lead foot out a bit.

Hope you get the feeling your after, if you do find it let me know too!


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Apr 6, 2009
.with my shoulders following my hips at the start of te downswing. They sometimes follow my hips instead of resisting, resulting in a pull.

Last night I was hittig everything either straight, a slight push or drawing the ball, which I'm happy with

Sounds like you have ALL the shots!!! :swing: FORE!!!


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Sep 12, 2011

I find many of these problems are due to the way the shoulders turn in the downswing. If they turn on a flattish plane this will promote an outside in swing that often creates pulls.

A good drill to help the shoulders rotate correctly around your forward tilt is to imagine you want to throw the club underhanded down the fairway, it also helps to imagine the club is very heavy when you do this. If you can ingrain this action the hips tend to work naturally in the correct manner.