How important is a swing plane

Jan 24, 2014
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Without sounding thick. And not wanting to Google it what’s the difference between a swing plane and a swing path Please Bob.👍
Matt Kuchar has a flat swing plane, Bubba Watson has a steep plane. Their swing paths are both approximately inside, to square at impact, to inside on the follow through. Matt moreso than Bubba, who moves it both ways.

P. S. I would also recommend Jim Hardy's books.


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Jan 3, 2010
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Of course, we'd all like to have the perfect fundamentals but in real life, we're not all built like Tiger or Rory or have the time and patience to perfect their swing.
Most people just want to play a decent game without embarrassing themselves and if their time is limited, it's better to focus on the important stuff to improve their game.
After all, golf is only about two things....
How you hit it
Where you hit it.
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Apr 28, 2008
Think about what the ball needs to know.
In no particular order.....

1. Speed of the swing
2. Hitting the clubface on the sweet spot
3. The direction the clubface is pointing at impact
4. The path of the swing
5. The angle of attack.

The ball doesn't need to know if your grip is spot on, your swing plane is perfect or your aim is arrow straight.
Focus on the 5 laws and you won't go far wrong.
When thinking about a “perfect” swing, set up, etc. is it not the case that if the aim, grip, swing path, swing plane etc are neutral, the shot should go dead straight at the target?


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Sep 12, 2011
An ideal swingpath should be an on plane path. World class players may have different swing paths but not through the impact zone.

Different length club's will have their individual ideal swing planes and to strike the ball well you will need to have returned the club's swingpath as near as possible to that plane. Ben Hogan's books explain clearly how important the swing plane is to good ball striking.

It's not really feasible to keep the club on plane throughout the swing, even the best ball strikers lift the shaft above it in the backswing then return to it around halfway back down (Even in so called one plane swings). Dont be fooled by comments that say there are many ways to hit the ball well, Furyk and Bubba may have completely different looking swings but at impact there's no difference but they have the skill to manipulate the club back into the optimum delivery position.
Jul 24, 2012
Most of the stuff on YouTube is just regurgitated basic teachings from the past.

There are a few such as George Gankas and Adam Young who are talking about a modern approach to the golf swing, strike and skills based approach to golf.

These are gaining traction but are still seen as a bit maverick.
My pro is a strong advocate of strike and skills based thinking, he knows it’s away from the more traditional approach but now that I’ve got my head around the actual simplicity of he’s working with me on I’m enjoying it and my head isn’t full of a myriad of stance and swing thoughts.
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Dec 12, 2013
So today my book came. The plane truth for golfers. Except I have ordered the wrong one. I have the master class. 😂😂😂
Anyway it is a very good read up to yet and due to my lack of er agility. Am a plane two swinger. That said. Here’s one for the north east lads. In my second hand books was some page markers. Inc a photo. Wonder who it is 😳