Hippo Hex Fairway woods


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Nov 10, 2008
Olney, Bucks
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After seeing Paddy with the Wilson Fybrids Santa has done me proud...

...Therefore I have Hippo Hex (08 model) fairway woods to sell.

Bought last feb. In good condition except for one small scuff on the top of the toe area on both clubs. Other then the scuff both clubs are in good condition. - Can email photos if requested.

Both clubs are great little performers and I use them with ease off the deck and from the tee but now I have W Staff irons I wanted the woods to complete the bag.

Thought it would be nice to give forum peeps first dibs so PM, email or comment below if you are interested, otherwise I'll add them on ebay on Monday.

5 and 3 wood: £70 for both or £40 each individually including p&p (Retailed at £79.99 in feb).

Open to sensible offers.