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Feb 12, 2019
So I handed 3 cards in. All 3 where 90. First round with handicap sec, who said he would look to give me around an 18 (first time he ever saw me play) Second two rounds the members I was playing with said they would log a complaint if I was given a handicap that high. Reasoning, is I suffer nerves when playing with new people. In all 3 rounds I was 12 over after 5 holes, Finished the remaining 13 in a total of 18 over (Thats including the 12 over from first 5).

Can a handicap be allocated far lower than the 3 scores indicate based purely on this? I understand their point that if I get my nerves under control and I was given a 18 handicap, I would win competitions constantly if I played near the level I showed on all 3 rounds last 13 holes. (Some members who where in groups in front and behind after seeing my first 5 then my following 13, did ask if I'm just trying to get a good handicap, and luckily the members I was paired with did explain to them how nervous I looked on the first few holes, and they didn't think I was)

Spoke to a friend about this, and he said they have to base it off the scores you put in, because what if you never get the nerves under control, you will never stand a chance.

Any opinions, should I approach this with the handicap sec?


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May 12, 2011
There is a process and formula to apply to your 3 cards to give you your new handicap. It would be improper to alter that figure based on casual observations of a few holes. The system requires your Handicap Committee to monitor newly allocated handicaps so, if your initial allocation proves to be too high, they should very quickly adjust it downwards. It's up to you to prove them wrong.