FS: Some tops and trousers - Oscar Jacobson, Under Armour, others.


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May 16, 2011
South West Surrey
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A few items for sale. I don't wear them anymore :). PM for interest. Apologies that some photos maybe upside down - I did them all correctly in Photobucket but some didn't play ball.

Oscar Jacobson Cream Summer Trousers - Comfort Stretch. Official label says waist 36", length 33". I would say more like 35" waist as actual measurement hip-to-hip is 17.5". Style is slimish fit and the material is relatively thin as they are summer trousers - "Comfort Stretch". Deep front pockets, with double button rear pockets. Oscar Jacobson black small label on rear. There are a few pencil marks on the right pockets, from the marking pencil - these are shown in photo as best I can. No other marks or pulls I can see at all. Can be machine washed. Price £15, with £3.50 pp extra.

Oscar Jacobson Cotton Trousers - Official label says waist 36", length 33". Actual measurement hip-to-hip is 17.5", so again, probably 35" waist. Style is slimish fit with material 97% regular cotton. Deep front pockets, with double back pockets. Leg has a small 'V' at the bottom for a fashion fit. Oscar Jacobson embroidered on the rear. These trousers are in excellent condition as they haven't been worn much. Can be machine washed. Price £20, with £3.50 pp extra.

Stromberg Black Trousers - Semi-unfinished bottoms - Label says 36L. My measurement hip-to-hip is 18", so 36" waist is accurate. The lengths are semi-unfinished so can be anywhere from 32 to 35". They are 65% polyester and 35% cotton and can be machine washed. Regular to loose fit. Deep front pockets and double back pockets, with only one being buttoned (left). Black. In good condition. No threads, bobbles, tears I can see at all. Price £5, with £3.50 pp extra.

Greg Norman Playdry Strong Blue and White Top. Large. My pit-to-pit measurement is 23", thus OK for 41-43" chests. Only worn this top a few times so it is in excellent condition. Greg Norman shark logo on back of neck. Price £15, with £3.50 pp extra.

Oscar Jacobson WPS Connor Tour Top - Grey and White. Officially a large, but would say it is more like an Medium, or Med-Large. Pit-to-pit is 22". Has Oscar Jacobson logo on chest, OJ symbol on neck, plus OJ symbol, name and WPS markings on sleeve. Garment has one small thread on back left, near the waist. Other than that, excellent condition as not worn much at all. Price £20, plus £3.50 pp extra.

Under Armour HeatGear Top - Dark Blue and White. . Large. Pit-to-pit is 22.5". Under Armour symbol on chest and neck. A couple of minor threads on arm and one middle back bottom. Shirt not worn many times. Price £15, plus £3.50 pp extra.

PP charges can obviously be saved if multiple items purchased in one go.