Emma Raducanu

Jul 24, 2012
Big tennis fan and so much credit for the way she bounced back from the panic attack at Wimbledon and the unjust stick. This is one of the greatest achievments in British sport. To come through qualifying and win a Grand Slam at 18 without dropping a set is ridiculous (y)
…and not a single tie break 😳


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May 23, 2020
I’m guessing you weren’t around for the whole Murray wins he is British and loses he is scottish jokes then 👍
Guess I wasn't. Sorry, I suppose I've got too used to people having a go at successful sports people because of their origins or skin colour. I accept that clearly wasn't the case here.


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Sep 21, 2017
Doesn't seem to matter to sime people.

I think she encapsulates Britishnes perfectly. Born in another country to parents from two other countries. But she flies the British flag.
That is what this country is all about.
.. not just that.. she speaks perfect mandarin

We need to celebrate multi-cultural Britain and the heritage of everyone. Most (hate the word) 'migrants' are British and also proud of their ancestry, migrant stories, struggles and contributions to Britain.

Emma has been brilliant.. the tennis was outstanding.. and what a beautiful smile. Like Andy Murray, she will be 'British when she wins, Canadian when she loses'. For an even narrower part of the populations, she will always been a 'migrant'.

Come on Britain ... she is one of us.

Voyager EMH

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Mar 14, 2021
Very good.
Lovely smooth and controlled backswing and good position at the top.
Downswing goes a bit wrong to end up with a big cut at the ball, but still controlled and not swinging off her feet.
The coordination and timing are there.
Not heard anything about her golf. Don't know what she plays 18 holes to, if at all.
If a coach could just tweak that downswing, I see a low single figure golfer there.
Oh, a quiet word about suitable clothing for golf, maybe. No, I'm wrong, don't care about that on the range.
Now I'm just going to have one more look at that swing before tea.;)


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Sep 21, 2017
A superstar is born, she's everywhere :):):)
A wonderful analysis ..

The following has been posted on LinkedIn by Guido Gianasso, Professor of Leadership at HEC.

A new tennis champion has emerged. It is fascinating to observe the dynamics taking place around this young lady.
Emma's father is Romanian. Her name is Romanian and she speaks Romanian fluently. Hence she is considered Romanian by millions of Romanians. But Emma has actually never lived in Romania.
Emma's mother is Chinese. She speaks fluent Chinese, as a recent video available on YouTube shows. Hence she is considered a Chinese hero by millions of Chinese, who seem to forget that the PRC discourages international marriages.
Emma was born in Canada but has lived most of her life and trained in the UK. Hence she is considered British by most Britons and was publicly congratulated by the Queen. But the British public that now celebrates her success is the same that voted Brexit with the very objective to make it difficult for East Europeans such as Emma and her father to live in the UK.

The reality is that Emma is not Romanian, Chinese or British. She is much more. She is the outstanding result of the combination of Romanian talent, Chinese work ethics and British openness and sport infrastructure.
At a time when many countries are going back to very ethnocentric models and policies, Emma is the best evidence that National identities are fading and we must embrace a geocentric mindset. Emma Raducanu is the future of mankind.