Driving manners (!)


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Aug 13, 2007
Middle Earth,
certainly the sights abroad can be highly entertaining. almost anywhere in asia there seems to be a competition for how many you can get on a moped - most I've seen is six, dad driving, one kid standing in front of him, two jammed between him and his wife, who has another on her back.
One of the best though was the newspaper delivery guy in Malacca - take a moped, now roll newspapers until they form a 2 to 3 ft diameter cylinder, strap four of these vertically front and back each side, pile the rear rack and rear seat 3 ft high, leaving barely enough room between the pile and the handlebars, now add a further pile to the front rack, vision over the top is not considered a prime necessity.
Then there was the 'instant barbecue' - again, take a moped, take a metal box, remove the top and one end, fit to the rear rack - fill with live coals.