Child Protection


Mar 2, 2007
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Our Club Junior Organiser attended a Child Protection workshop a couple of weeks ago and came back wondering if it's worth carrying on the role as so much needs to be changed to comply with current legislation.
He is all in favour of being CRB-checked to show parents that he is suitable to work with their children, but he may have to lose a day's work to attend another workshop. Like all other Junior Organisers he is a volunteer who wants to help the Juniors enjoy the game.
Is he alone in thinking this, or do others feel the same way?


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Oct 15, 2006
Norn Iron
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I've done some child protection stuff for non golf related things but fortunately it's never involved taking time off work. I've done a half day seminar thing which was particularly arranged on a Saturday to suit those attending because we were all volunteers. If the workshop you refer to is aimed at volunteers, it seems rather short sighted to have it on a week day.

I once attended a talk on child protection issues but the guy who gave it wasn't even that well up on them because he'd had to stand in for someone else at the last minute. He took questions but couldn't answer all of them and despite promising to get back to us with answers to the trickier ones about some of the situations that people face, we're still waiting. That was years ago now. Like a lot of rules, they sound good in theory but are totally impractical in real life. For example, we were told that there should always be 2 adults with a junior football team in case a child is injured and someone has to take them to hospital. Of course if that happened, it would leave only one adult with the rest of the team which is against the guidelines in itself. When this was pointed out to the guy, he didn't have any answer to it. This wasn't very helpful, to say the least!