Best wet/cold weather gloves

May 29, 2020
Bitterly cold in the wind yesterday but a pair of UA winter mitts sorted that. Macwets for a couple of holes meant hands did get a bit chilly again (but able to grip) as I didn't want to put wet gloves inside the mittens
Can the UA ones attach to a trolley? Seen some that are called cart mitts but doesn’t give any details.


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Oct 27, 2018
If you use a battery powered trolley have a look at the Motocaddy plug-in hot mittens, really work for the cold in between shots, the macwets then work well.

If you are carry and are considering mitterns, seriously, have a look at the waterproof pram mittens, they come in plain black, look no different to the “golf” mittens, work just as well as any golf branded pair and are only a third of the price.
Just ordered some plug in mittens never new they did them 👍