Autoflex SF405 driver shaft.


Journeyman Pro
Feb 20, 2013
I’m currently playing an Evenflow Riptide.

I saw on TXG they mentioned a cheaper competitor, but didn’t have a review yet. I’m watching a couple of 505s on eBay.
Yes, I was waiting on that. But if your riptide is light you probably won’t find the holy grail distance.
Autoflex works because of its stability, I found that a good tip stiff regular in light such as the HZD can deliver the same performance.. it just has to be with a suitable head. So if you don’t have enough spin now the Autoflex will give it to you, if it gives you enough to dial off loft your ball speed will increase ( flatter face =better transfer , but side spin increased) I think loft just converts more spin to back spin and it’s balancing those numbers .. I just have not got on a simulator to confirm with objective data.
Interestingly TXG did not play any rounds with the shaft and he went to a Ventus blue I think.
I also have launch angle issues I deliver 0 degrees of attack angle , which was fine when I was a younger man but now I need to have an attack angle of 14-16degrees, so I use the loft to get me mainly there and it lifts my spin up into the 25-2800 rpms for a reasonable flight.
It sounds complex, and nerdy but just be aware of your weaknesses as the shaft can help or hinder and the head as well .. and then there is stuff you can do physically better.