2022 Dream Team - interest?

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Nov 28, 2021
Evening chaps

Last year I setup a dream team for a few pals, went down well, and i'm going to continue to do it this year. Last year I just did the Majors + Players Championship. This year I'm thinking of going to 8 (one a month, the biggies)

You'll be broadly familiar with the setup, you need to choose 1 captain, 3 players and 2 subs for each event staying inside the £50m limit (I work out the £/player based on bookies odds). After the cut you can switch around subs. By doing this we've found it keeps the game more interesting over the 4 days because it keeps you in play. There's a few more rules but that's basically it

Anyway, we play for money (£20 each) to keep it interesting but i'm happy to do it either way (play or real money) on consensus.

Have a look at what I produce on the attached and let me know. If there is interest, would need to be a minimum of 12 (interesting) and a max of say, 30 (work on my part!)

I'd keep my pals and this group separate