1 Plane / 2 Plane Swing; Driver and Iron, okay to have different swing planes for different clubs?

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Mar 28, 2020
I had a lesson this morning with my Driver.

The Pro introduced me to the idea of this 2 Plane concept, and when I saw what I had to do, I was quite surprised as it felt pretty unnatural taking the club up so high before transition - Still, over the course of the lesson I felt a bit of improvement and also in practice after, I felt an improvement. I must admit to having never heard of this concept before...and to be honest, it looks uncommon....is it?

I feel I am a much better iron player than a Wood player...I don't really want to change or complicate my iron swing...so, my
My question is that because people remark how different the Driver swing is compared to irons. Could I legitimately use my (natural) 1 Plane swing for irons, and yet use a 2 plane swing for my driver? My thought is I could, as so many things are already different in hitting driver compared to irons, such as hitting down, grip (could be), AofA etc.

Thoughts appreciated, and / or any links to useful info on this!
Jan 24, 2014
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The one plane / two plane concept is the prpoerty of Jim Hardy, the American coach & Chris O'Connell, who coaches, among others, Matt Kuchar. I have several of Hardy's books & nowhere does he advise mixing the two swings. If you are naturally one plane, & it's not extreme, you will always want to swing this way. Also, the swing with the shorter irons is naturally steeper because you're standing closer to the ball. The driver swing will always look flatter.

Did the pro tell you why he wants you to make the change? If he didn't he's not doing his job properly.

If you read Hardy's "The Plane Truth" he explains that, although the two plane swing is easier fot the less flexible player & produces a lot of power, it requires better timing because the arms & shoulders are swinging on different planes.

Is your Pro a Plane Truth certified instructor or does he have only an imperfect knowledge of the principles? I'm not sure that he fully understands what is involved.




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Feb 7, 2015
Wheres the ball going? what are you misses

If I was going to recommend a Hardy book it would be Solid Contact