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  1. Lump

    Slow play…….

    I can manage slow play at times, having decent playing partners helps. This was tested while on holiday recently. On both occasions we got stuck behind multiple groups of German holiday makers of varying ages. 5hrs 20mins for 18 holes, they even had buggies. They backed the whole course up, at...
  2. Lump

    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    Out in Cyprus enjoying the warmth. Played Elea today. Epic front 9. Out in 30!! (-6 gross) was a lip out from shooting a 29 front. ? Back 9 is a harder challenge, hacked it round in 71 in the end (-1 gross)
  3. Lump

    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    69 (-2 gross) round Howley Hall today. First proper round of golf this year, unsure where this swing has been all season.
  4. Lump

    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    2nd round with the TSR’s. Hit every single fairway. Don’t think I’ve ever done that before. Lead to a +1 73. Best I’ve played all year and was really enjoyable. Was so close to quiting a month ago.
  5. Lump

    House of Dragon - **May Contain Spoilers**

    Crap so far. The Rings of Power is far better atm
  6. Lump

    I bought today.....

    I have issues. Just waiting on the TSR fairway to arrive….
  7. Lump

    What is happening at your club for the state funeral?

    Course, pro shop and changing room open.
  8. Lump

    What grip ?

    1.1 atm Baseball grip. Changed about 7-8 year ago, overlap feels like I’m not even gripping the club and interlock really hurts the last knuckle of my right pinky finger.
  9. Lump

    I bought today.....

    Preordered a TSR driver and fairway. I haven’t played the same since moving away from my TS2 set. Ordered the same spec as my TS2’s.
  10. Lump

    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    Semi finals of the Club pairs knockout. Giving 13 & 19 shots. The 19 handicapper par’d stroke 1 & 2 with ease. 6 birdies between myself and my playing partner only gave 1 hole win. 2nd year running we’ve been stuffed by high handicappers that play way way under handicap. Had enough now, no...
  11. Lump

    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    After the shambles of Saturdays 1st round of the club champs and the resulted missed cut. I swapped back to my old irons today and back onto it. Played with a Euro pro player, watching him hit a 3 iron head height 250yrds into a decent breeze was stunning. Hit some of the biggest drives I’ve...
  12. Lump

    Preferred lies in summer

    Greens and tee boxes are in good order, but the fairways have suffered a lot. Very bare, the over night rain with the rain while playing was giving mud balls on nearly all fairway drives. I’ll never play it again. Soured my view of it completely
  13. Lump

    Preferred lies in summer

    Played Lindrick on Thursday. Fairway where the worst I’ve played all year. Preferred lies would have been greatly received, but as pointed out not allowed at this time of year.
  14. Lump

    GX Gloves?

    Bought some of these a while ago. Although they are a decent fit and finish. The leather is not as great quality as a Footjoy, Callaway or Taylormade full leather offering. Find the leather a little slippy
  15. Lump

    I bought today.....

    A Rogue ST Max 3 wood, brand new, got home and pulled the shaft to sling in my Tour Ad IZ.
  16. Lump

    Motocaddy M1 and stand bag

    My previous S3 worked no issue with my players bag for the short while I had it. Little disappointed the design of the Motocaddy trolleys has changed, the upper rest it’s a little narrower. My Ping hoofer doesn’t sit quite so well on my new M5DHC
  17. Lump

    How to legally test a bunker?

    Am I imagining things, but wasn’t there an update to the rules that allowed you to rake a bunker, even if you are yet to play your shot from said bunker, if you are only raking to remove a footprint/rake imprint etc and not to test the sand?
  18. Lump

    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    First Club scratch match last night. Playing a guy off +2. Had never played the course before but came out the gates hot and got 2up quickly. Local knowledge helped him get it back to level just after the turn. He finally closed out the match on the 17th. Little gutted but the lack of course...
  19. Lump

    Custom fit wedges

    Custom fit by Nick at Tour X. Love my wedges. Went quite a bit softer with the shaft on the wedges and 5g lighter. Don’t like hitting wedges flat out. Was bothered by what spin numbers came out, feel and look was what I was after.
  20. Lump

    Carris Trophy

    One of the young lads I play with was down this week. Know his game pretty well but he seemingly struggled around Silloth and missed the cut. Top scorer is pretty impressive, some of these youngsters can play. Just a shame some of them get passed by for county/country teams because they live...