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  1. Swingalot

    The Footie Thread

    Support is split 50/50 on this. I'd certainly like to see him given another 3 games, but the football has been pretty bad for a while and there is an obvious confidence drain going on. I hope to God Roy does not come back. If he does, surely just till end of season, but even that is too long...
  2. Swingalot

    The Footie Thread

    Well we've got Man City so I'm all for them cancelling match of the day this weekend!
  3. Swingalot

    North vs South match - checking interest

    Yep might be up for this. Watford is North in my book, so surely a mid location would be a nice heathland in Surrey...
  4. Swingalot

    The Footie Thread

    As for the Liverpool - Man Utd game, wow. My take away is I'm glad that Bruno does not play for my club, as I'd struggle to support a side with him in after that performance. Yelling at the manager to get subbed so he can get off the pitch and he is supposed to be the leader. Its easy leading...
  5. Swingalot

    The Footie Thread

    Agreed, but confidence may be pretty low after the next 3. They are 'easier' games on paper, but all of those sides are fighting to get out of their current positions and all of them are winning some games.....we are not. That said, I totally agree that we will have only ourselves to blame. This...
  6. Swingalot

    The Footie Thread

    I'm afraid we are sliding down the league. Next 3 games are Man City at home, Brighton away and Arsenal away..... We've not won a game in 2023. Confidence is low and draining. PV seems a little lost.
  7. Swingalot

    Farnham 29th August (Day before H4H at Hankley)

    1. Mikejohnchapman 2. Grizzly 3. Orikoru 4. Philthefragger 5. Imurg (birthday boy ?) 6. GG26 7. Midnight 8. apj0524 9. Bratty 10. Dando 11. Oddsocks 12. Sawtooth 13. HomerjSimpson 14. DeanoMK 15. Bdill93 16. Swingalot
  8. Swingalot

    Best par 3 you’ve actually played

    Love the 2nd at Woburn on the Duchess. Although the short par 3 3rd on th Duke gets most of the praise, the 2nd is a beautiful hole and pretty intimidating at the same time. Like threading cotton through a needle!
  9. Swingalot

    The Footie Thread

    Quite how Chelsea lost that game is beyond me, they could have won 4-0 and it would have been a fair result.
  10. Swingalot

    The Footie Thread

    Not sure, but think we are the closest club from Brighton. It might be Portsmouth, but journey time it is Palace as it's straight up the M23. It's a fierce rivalry, that I do know and it's been like that now for over 50 years. Some Palace regard Millwall as our main rival, some Charlton and...
  11. Swingalot

    The Footie Thread

    call it what you like, they hate us and so they should.
  12. Swingalot

    The Footie Thread

    Brilliant game tonight, fair play both sides.
  13. Swingalot

    Help For Heroes charity golf day - Hankley Common Golf Club - Wednesday 30th August 2023

    1 - Liverpoolphil 2 - Bdill93 3 - James R 4 - Pieman 5 - PhiltheFragger £20 paid 6 - Imurg +1£20 paid 7 - D4S 8 - D4S + 1 9 - Bdill93 +1 10 - TopoftheFlop 11 - Paperboy 12 - Grizzly 13 - AddisonRoad 14 - PNWokingham 15 - BlueinMunich 16 - GG26 17 - Cake 18 - CVG - £20 paid 19. HomerJSimpson...
  14. Swingalot

    Choosing golf course to be a member

    I could not have said it better. Agree with all of the above 100%.
  15. Swingalot

    2022 World Cup.

    England should be building a team around Foden!!! His exclusion in the Euros was a disgrace, but now it is simply embarrassing. Southgate dislikes him as a player as he is a maverick, skillful, talented and arrogant. All of the qualities he would tank under hard working, reliable, steady and...
  16. Swingalot

    The Footie Thread

    What it should be: Ramsdale Trippier Stones Dier Shaw Bellingham Rice Saka, Foden, Grealish Kane What I fear it will be: Pickford Tripper Dier, Maguir Stones Shaw Rice Bellingham Saka, Kane, Stirling If he doesn't pick Foden, no in fact build the frigging team around Foden, it will...
  17. Swingalot

    M25 protests

    Fine them at a level relative to the cost to business and the economy they are chasing. My firm works on the m25 and if we are 15 minutes late on a road closure we get fined 15k and that is then pro-ratad every 15 minutes if we are still overrunning. Those fines are set at such a level as the...
  18. Swingalot

    Help For Heroes charity golf day - Hayling Golf club Tuesday 18th October

    Not sure what I've done to upset Rich so much, but need to up my game to avoid a tee closer to Southampton than Hayling Island!
  19. Swingalot

    H4H Match

    Extra £10 added the auction donation. Well done BIM and as Bratty says, I'm sure it would have been a draw so we all would have had to pay the £10 anyway so only right we chuck it on now.......
  20. Swingalot

    The Footie Thread

    double that and add some. Their legal costs would have been huge!