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  1. Grant85

    New driver?

    I think you'd be surprised at how little benefit there is in a switch, assuming the spec of your current driver is correct. And of course the issue of how do you convince yourself a change is a better move? I wouldn't be afraid to buy two or three 2nd hand options on E-bay, and test at a Top...
  2. Grant85

    Sports persons taking the knee

    Nothing to do with the inconvenience, just feel it's not the best use of the platform for an issue of such importance. Makes it very easy for people to 'play to the gallery' without actually effecting much change.
  3. Grant85

    Steve Thompson early onset dementia. Suing RFU and others

    Surprised we have not moved to scrum caps being mandatory. Rugby rules have changed a lot in the last decade or so with a lot of actions now being yellow and red card offences, where previously they might not even have been a penalty offence. However I guess the Rugby bodies will be looking...
  4. Grant85

    Sports persons taking the knee

    I don't have a problem with this at all, and it is correct that Kapernick took up the fight (at huge personal cost) by making a peaceful protest, that was hideously misrepresented by many in the states. What I can live without is this now being a part of every single game of football to the...
  5. Grant85

    Peter Alliss - Your memories

    You could obviously ask 10 people about best commentary and get 10 different opinions. Roe has been defiantly moved onto the B team for Sky in the last couple of years, but I think you will have to get used to Coltart. He is doing the big events and taking his fair share of shifts with Murray...
  6. Grant85

    You can now win an Olympic Gold Medal in......

    Just consider that Brake dancing is in the Olympics, while Squash has still not been added - despite this being a fairly well established international sport. Not sure of the reasons for Squash being overlooked. Whether it's due to venue complications or not considered a good spectator sport...
  7. Grant85

    Would you like to see Reed top the money list?

    I certainly don't want to see Reed win - simply not a fan. Would love Westy to win and he has certainly been most committed to the European Tour this year. I also don't subscribe to the analysis that any of the top 60 can win. There would surely need to be a ridiculous chain of events for...
  8. Grant85

    Peter Alliss - Your memories

    I have to say I wasn't a great Peter Alliss fan on commentary. Can't deny he was iconic and those who knew him or worked with him spoke very highly of him, despite me thinking of him an as eccentric old chap. He certainly had an incredible wit and sense of humour, that we are seeing now in some...
  9. Grant85

    Will you have the Covid Vaccine

    I am glad the responses have been so overwhelmingly in favour of getting the vaccine. However in response to Murph... you are 55 now and healthy. But of course you won't stay 55 for long and who knows what health issues you will develop as you get older. Ultimately if everyone or most people...
  10. Grant85

    My iron game improved massively with a tweak

    I find if you are struggling, it is rarely going to cause any problems to have your ball position more central.
  11. Grant85

    Waterproof Shoes

    I think that's pretty good performance. Also definitely agree with the strategy of only use your waterproof shoes when required and put any 'dry miles' onto cheaper shoes.
  12. Grant85

    Child Golf Lessons Query

    I think a lot of people take a look at the rules and think what is the maximum you are allowed in terms of events, travel, meeting up etc? But as others have said, if you are uncomfortable then don't do it. Obviously you'd be very unfortunate to die or be hospitalised assuming you are a working...
  13. Grant85

    Fading eyesight and Disappearing Drives?

    Best advice is to play with someone who has good eyesight. I don't see what problem glasses would pose, as long as they were well fitting and you don't play in the rain. But for when that's not possible I'd defiantly look at brightly coloured balls.
  14. Grant85

    GM - Future articles

    I would personally like to see some research or an old account of how golf courses were built 100 years ago. We've heard that plenty of old architects just used the ground that was there, but there must have still been a fair bit of flattening out tees and greens, as well as digging bunkers...
  15. Grant85

    Evnroll putters

    I've said this before and I'll say it again... if you want a £300 putter, then go and buy one. Love it, cherish it. But don't expect it to turn your putting from average to good. Hopefully at the very least it would inspire you to practice with it. If you're struggling to hit the middle of...
  16. Grant85

    50th birthday.

    I can recommend the nearby Duchally Estate. We stayed in a self catering lodge a few years ago - very good. Hotel also looks nice, had a few drinks there one night.
  17. Grant85

    50th birthday.

    Not played Turnberry - but Gleneagles Kings is a top top course. For my money as good as anything the coast has to offer and is, imo, underrated on account of not being a links course. There's a great value shot on almost every hole, sometimes 2. Main downside is it will be much softer for...
  18. Grant85

    50th birthday.

    I'd probably go for a couple of games at an Open course / top venue. Something you wouldn't normally play. Perhaps go with a mate and play Carnoustie & Panmure. Maybe Muirfield, then another East Lothian venue the next day. Troon & Prestwick. Lancs and play Birkdale and Hillside / West...
  19. Grant85

    Next Years Fees

    They won't have time to play golf.
  20. Grant85

    Booking tee slots to ensure maximum capacity

    Personally think it is extremely unlikely you would be taking any risk playing golf outdoors with a couple of other golfers and maintaining distance.