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    It's a Girl

    My second daughter was born yesterday. Beatrice Ruth Amelia. Weighing in at a healthy 8lbs 9oz. Beautiful, takes after her mother, and I swear she held my hand with an interlocking grip..... Golf as I know it is postponed for a few weeks... :D
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    32 anonymous users

    It's 10.48pm and according to the WHO'S ON LINE there are 32 anon users. Boys, get yourself a handle and join in with the best damn golf forum around. Go on, jump in. Get those burning issues off your chest. We may not agree with you but I can promise some lively debate....... And now others...
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    £100 pounds on the Masters.. Advice needed

    Guys, I've won a knock out comp where the prize is £100 that you must bet on the Masters. You have to make at least 4 bets (each way bet counts as two) but they don't have to be equal amounts. I lay myself at the forums door of knowledge and ask for your thoughts.
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    A momentous occasion

    Today I bought my 15 month old daughter her first golf club. Using an old fashioned baseball grip she spanked a plastic cricket ball literally a yard down the hallway. I'm the proudest Dad in the world. Just thought I'd share this with you learned colleagues.
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    The most depressing day of the year

    Apparently yesterday was the most depressing day of the year. The day when the euphoria of christmas is over, the day when any New Years resolutions will be abandoned... Well I say they haven't met the Golf Monthly Forum. Not for us giving up on our resolutions to practise our short game, not...
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    Your Subject on Golfing Mastermind?

    It doesn't have to be something you know alot about, though it might help, but something you might enjoy studying. For instance MVP's might be "The benefits of custom fitting" Mine would have to be "The Majors pre the introduction of steele shafted clubs"
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    Golf Films: Love them or hate them

    This is a subject very close to my heart. When you watch a film where an actor is playing a profesional does it bother you if he has a dodgy swing. For me "Bagger Vance" was ruined because Matt Damons swing was pants and the man was supposed to halve a match with Bobby J and Sir Walter. I look...
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    Wednesday Weigh Day.

    May I start us off: 12 stone 7 pounds. A loss of 4 pounds this week. YIPEE.
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    Get thee to some scales young men

    For tomorrow is the first Wednesday weigh day. Good luck to all the team, and of course still open to newbies.
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    Sabbatini joins Adams

    Just read that Rory Sabbatini has left Nike to play Adams clubs. Considering last year was his best ever on tour seems an odd decision to change clubs. Do we hear the subtle influences of a certain T. Woods in the ear of Nikes CEO, him not being young Sabbas greatest fan? Or is my penchant for...
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    Gaffe on the Golf Channel

    What do you guys think about the fall out from Kelly Tilghmans comment on the golf Channel (Setanta) on Sunday night. She said today’s young players should “lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley.” There are now calls for her to be sacked. What do you reckon. Is it PC gone mad, or should...
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    Wednesday Weigh Day

    Well done guys in commiting to a fitter you. As far as I can see the Forum Fat club consists of the following: brendy murph viscount17 MikeH Boabski htl gasp stevelockie GB72 ianmc geronimo timevans MVP Madandra Medwayjon Golfer2112 and birdieman don't have much to lose. J-F actualy has to...
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    The GM Forum Weightwatchers.

    It seems to me that many of us are less than happy with our waist lines (or lack of them). As for myself, in the past year my svelt 11.5 stone has ballooned to nearly 13. And I'm not alone. MikeH and MWJ have both discussed shedding the ounces (with or without Rioja) and I'm sure there are a few...
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    Golfing new Years Resolutions

    So Boys and girls, what are your golfing resolutions for next year? And did you keep this years or did they all fall quickly by the wayside. Last year I wanted to get down to 4 (achieved) and more constuctively practise my short game (Failed mirerably). Next year I vow to actually read Dave...
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    Full differance or three quarters?

    In january we start using full difference between handicaps in matchplay events and I just wanted to know what the general feeling about this was. My own view is that handicaps are formulated on a stroke play basis, i.e. if you take a 10 on a hole then 10 is added to your score. In matchplay it...