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    Best Course You Have Played This Year

    Hankley common. Was recommended it, and was not disappointed. Weather was perfect, good group of lads, one to remember.
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    How’s your society?

    I think this year they got carried away with the membership, £100! Went mainly towards cash prizes for the day and season, but I don’t think anyone really cares for the cash prize (well it can’t hurt) but you know what I mean. I didn’t even know societies of such size existed, how the heck do...
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    How’s your society?

    Evening all We’ve been running our society for best part of 5 years now and this year we’ve seen a decline in numbers. We’re only a small outfit, maybe 15 paid up members , but the turn out has been poor this year compared to most, 9 at the last event! So with the season ended, few of us...
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    South East, course under £125. Ideas?

    Fox Hills is actually one of my favs in the reasonable budget. Have played a few times though so not quite what I’m looking for, and I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve always found the condition average for what could be a fantastic course
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    South East, course under £125. Ideas?

    Thanks for all your replies so far. Some alternatives helpful (assuming I can get on) And thanks for reminding me Hankley Common is excellent…I may have to see what we can do…
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    South East, course under £125. Ideas?

    Hi all firstly apologies if this has been done before. I had tried the search option but didn’t work too well for me My 40th is fast approaching (22nd July, a Friday) and I’m trying to book a memorable golf course. There are 11 of us and we are all junction 7/8 on the M25 so course needs to be...
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    Bounce games.

    Never heard the term until now, but like it. For me? My cousin. We’ve been close all growing up, about a month apart in age and about 2 shots in it (him better). Lovely guy, but a face I just want to slap when he laughs at my b2b 4 putts (and no not an analogy) Great games, great fun, usually...
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    I had a lesson today and...

    Just had my first lesson of 2022. Went well as usual, but what really amazed me at the end was I’ve always thought I was just not strong enough or fast enough to get distance. We got on the tracker thingy and he said watch this, I’ll strike with exactly the same club speed as you… Result? He...
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    Warm Winter Jacket

    How I have I. It heard of these??! Looking into, thanks
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    2022 Dream Team - interest?

    Evening chaps Last year I setup a dream team for a few pals, went down well, and i'm going to continue to do it this year. Last year I just did the Majors + Players Championship. This year I'm thinking of going to 8 (one a month, the biggies) You'll be broadly familiar with the setup, you need...
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    Taylormade Stealth

    ???? I’d love to be a fly on the wall in sone of these marketing meetings
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    eBay question

    I think maybe because “back in the day” I think I used to find bargains. So I’d line up a particular club or something thinking I could get this for a steal because of fewer footfall. Now any “bargains” no longer exist in those final 30 seconds. Maybe it’s the internet telling me not to be such...
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    eBay question

    You don’t have to say what program, but are these easy to implement? I used to really like eBay but the bloody time waste was crazy with a last second “snipe” put me off.
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    Another thing about driving ranges

    So much at the range for me is in my head. One day I’m “hot” and ready for the Tour, next I’m ready to snap the clubs. I blame the mats… The problem with getting a lesson is it isn’t just one lesson, usually. We’ll unless you’re a low figure hc and you really are tweaking the last 0.1%
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    A personal view on what has gone so so wrong with this forum

    Guys (and gals) newbie here. Just to say my last few months has been quite pleasant. Won’t post much, I’m not that interesting (?) but some good topics and a bit of fun read none the less Shame to hear some of the meets no longer take place as would have been keen to get involved
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    Shortest day tomorrow...

    Looking forward to this already, can’t beat a bit of evening golf. As the sun sets and the wind typically silent (round here at least), just perfect
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    Shanking at The Range

    As a long term sufferer is of the dreaded S. I know the ruiness experience it can bring. After hours - and I do mean hours - of lessons on this subject the last one he said to me, it’s just you hand eye coordination. Since then I’ve been working on hand eye coordination drills. Search HE drills...
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    Huge increase in golf participation

    That really interesting and encouraging thanks for sharing. I was talking about just the other day with my brother, I pop down our local golf range and queues have really picked up in last 18 months. And it does seem like a healthy balance of young and older chaps down there, so hope the overall...
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    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    True Story - Netflix Good to see Wesley Snipes (yes you heard correctly) back and Kevin Hart, who I’ve never actually watched until now, is great in it Otherwise Sucession is entertaining, although all episodes make me wonder “what exactly am I watching here” Lastly, way late to the party but...
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    Working From Home Again

    ?? I had not heard the TWAT analogy but we’re one of them. We’ve been told to wfh, but I’ll continue to go in as I cannot comprehend how people wfh 5 days a week. Cannot be good for your health and for those managing teams, are you convinced the wfh model works? On the days where my team are at...