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  1. Newnsy

    Chipping woes

    100% worth it IMO. I was lucky to see him before he started teaching tour Pro's so it was cheaper but I did have a follow up lesson with the wife 2 weeks ago. Quickly tidied me up in 5 mins then Got the wife chipping brilliantly. But it’s funny having a tour Pro waiting at the side of the...
  2. Newnsy

    Chipping woes

    Go see Alex Buckner - he is based at Barewood Lakes. Chipping used to ruin my games thins fats didn't matter I had perfected both, until a plus 4 handicapper recommended him to me, he just made it so simple and got rid of the fear I had with chipping. Did a few vids for Titleist last year Go...
  3. Newnsy

    Radical thoughts for the WHS article

    If I am playing 18 do a lot on 9 holes in the summer after work. I always put a card in. I don't see the issue it doesn't effect your handicap the way it used too at least on the going up part anyway. I don't see rounds being any slower and because of it. Doesn't really matter what I shoot I...
  4. Newnsy

    Which ‘top 100 courses’ list?

    This is why the lists are so interesting and create discussions I couldn't agree with you more its not close between Blackmoor and Camberley but I would have Camberley above, all down to what suits your eye I guess :)
  5. Newnsy

    Which ‘top 100 courses’ list?

    I always take a look at Top100 before visiting a course just to see what's been said, but as above form your own opinion of the course as these lists are just other peoples or groups opinions there are courses in the Top 15 in England that personally would only just put in the Top 100 but...
  6. Newnsy

    Has anyone tried any of the new drivers?

    I've tried the Callaway, Ping and Taylormade, got a good pro at the Club that just lets me mess about with the new stock in the Sim :) ( Probably because he knows I like shiny things :) ) Currently play the Stealth and love it, won't be changing it but we won't tell the Pro that. Callaway I...
  7. Newnsy

    Midweek Kent round - any suggestions?

    Its pretty hard to get on a Rye without a member but it is amazing !!!!!! Princes is great go there regularly and they usually come out with offers never paid over a £100 for a round Littlestone is another good one maybe slightly cheaper than Princes Deal and St Georges both on the pricey...
  8. Newnsy

    Slow play…….

    Been reading the thread after a 2.5hr front nine today(comp 3balls) we weren’t trying to rush and get up close behind the group in front, but after going to pick up a couple of bacon sarnies and coffees we still had to wait on the 10th tee. I decided it was time to pick up our pace a little. We...
  9. Newnsy

    The Brabazon on a saturday afternoon

    Had a boys weekend there, a couple of weeks ago during the really hot weekend, played PGA national on Friday tee’d off at 2 got back into Sam’s at about 7:30 and had zero drinks from the 8th hole as they decided to close the half way hut as we arrived and then the cart just ignored us and drove...
  10. Newnsy

    Breaking 80 (@people who have done it)

    Did it for the first time this year in a medal - Started the round badly missed a 1 foot putt on the second then blasted a ball OOB on the 3rd hole, made a birdie with the second ball for a bogey. Stopped looking at my score because i thought i had ruined my round ended up relaxing and playing...
  11. Newnsy

    What's more important to you?

    Great question, and if you can't choose a bit of both :) I think I would go for condition over design. My reasoning is I played Monte Rai (Apparently the best course in Portugal) all of my friends told me how great the course was and I was really looking forward to it. When I played it the...
  12. Newnsy

    Fairway Watering

    We are getting fairway irrigation installed this coming winter. It was a very hot topic at the club and quite divisive personally I am all for it as our head greenkeeper wants it, and I trust that he knows much better than me. He said its not about having lush green fairways its more about •...
  13. Newnsy

    Courses around Shropshire Hills

    grew up in Shropshire, Llanymnech is a great fun course especially if you are going for the hills :) Wrexham is another decent track but not played it in a long time. Church Stretton has stunning views and a hell of a walk again good fun but a bit rough round the edges. If you are going further...
  14. Newnsy

    Does your club require a minimum number of Acceptable Scores before winning prizes in a Competition.

    Isn’t the point in the WHS that you put a card in every time you play. I do so my handicap is representative of how I am playing. I personally don’t understand why more people don’t, putting out makes it slower isn’t an excuse. If you are worried about a 2 foot putt it shouldn’t be a gimme. It...
  15. Newnsy

    Does your club require a minimum number of Acceptable Scores before winning prizes in a Competition.

    competitions are open to anyone with a handicap at our club, but knockouts which are the more prestigious trophy at our club, you must have submitted 10 cards in the last 12 months to enter. This was because the same person was in the final of three knockouts his excuse was he didnt have time to...
  16. Newnsy

    Custom fit wedges

    haven't had a fitting as such but during a short game lesson, the Pro suggested i change my grind and bounce on my wedges due to my strike on the ball. changed my 60 degree based on his suggestion and made a massive difference.
  17. Newnsy

    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    Played in the monthly medal today, after a bunch of rubbish rounds broke 80 for the first time for a net 69 got second on count back. The handicap cut means I’ve hit my first goal of the season, get low enough to enter club champs ???
  18. Newnsy

    No senior tees for women

    There aren't / Shouldn't be any gender / age related tees any more. All tees should be rated for men and women (I know this isn't the case in a lot of clubs mine included) They should just be forward tees back to competition tees, and people should be playing off the tee that suits them the...
  19. Newnsy

    South East, course under £125. Ideas?

    Tandridge GC but you might struggle to get 11 but worth asking the secretary. others Chart Hills, London Club or a bit more of a drive Go down to Princes for a Day
  20. Newnsy

    Quinta do Lago / Vale do Lobo

    I’ve only played Victoria once and got a free round because the hotel got over booked and they moved us up to Victoria and offered us a round :) I agree about the time for the rounds but I just accept a 5hr round out in portugal but I’m on holiday so never mind. I always find Laranjal the...