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  1. Capella

    European Tour 2019 Fantasy Race to Dubai

    I have given up on it for this year. I didn't even enter a team for the last four events or so and did not even check how any of the auto-replacements have done.
  2. Capella

    Arccos Caddie with Cobra Connect Worth It?

    I have the F8s as well, but for me the trial period was a year and I think it would have cost me "only" 50 € a year to continue. So they seem to have raised the price. I tried it out for a while and decided I did not like the system much. For one thing I hated playing with my phone in my...
  3. Capella

    Would you ???

    Hell yeah. If it really is consistently 20 yards longer, that's a lot.
  4. Capella

    Leaky shoes

    Ten rounds is really not much. Mine normally start to leak after about 2 years. And for me it is usually from the toes as well. I didn't notice a difference between the left and right shoe, though (even though one might start leaking before the other, but I doubt that it is always the same...
  5. Capella

    Golf- The most played sport?

    I guess it also depends on what counts as participating in a sport. Is kicking a can around on the school yard playing football? Because that is what we did as children ... like all the time. Sometimes we used a tennis ball instead of a can, if someone had thought about bringing one. And on rare...
  6. Capella

    Had an absolute shockkkker

    A round like that gets to you, doesn't it? I had one in our city championship this year (sounds grander than it is ... basically there is only one golf club on city grounds and all their members as well as every other player who lives in the city can play in it ... two rounds of stroke play on...
  7. Capella

    Womens tees.

    SS and Stroke index will still be different for men and women. So every tee will have two different SS and SI ratings (if it is to be used by both genders).
  8. Capella

    Womens tees.

    In Germany there seems to be. The colors are (from longest to shortest): black, white, yellow, blue, red, orange and green. Every course must have at least yellow and red tees, all other tees are optional. Black and white tees can only be rated for men (as well as any other tees that result in a...
  9. Capella

    Cobra advice

    Since the irons are probably too old to be covered by any kind of warranty anyway, so you'd have to pay dearly for the new heads and repairs, and the rubber strips seem to be cosmetic more than imortant for the stability/functionality of the club, can't you just super glue them back in place...
  10. Capella

    Who uses a stand-bag on an electric trolley?

    I have a Titleist standbag which I also use on my trolley. It is not really ideal, though. The side pockets are smaller than they are in a typical trolley bag (actually, there is only one long side pocket on the stand bag, because on the other side it would be in the way when carrying it). The...
  11. Capella

    Womens tees.

    I am all for gender equality, but I am afraid, the average difference in distance between the men's and the women's game is just to big to be catered by just two sets of tees. For one thing, if you make the shorter tees (which will in most cases the only ones feasible for women to play) bland by...
  12. Capella

    Womens tees.

    This will take a few years. Also, most courses are already too long for the average female player as they are (off the red tees). There is a good article about it here: The...
  13. Capella

    Womens tees.

    The German rating system allows for orange tees as forward ladie's tees. One of the courses I play regularly has them. They are even used in competitions if your handicap is higher than 26.5. On some of the shorter holes, they are identical to the red ones, but on some of the longer holes...
  14. Capella


    If you are a lot more confident over (long) putts than you are over a chip of the same length, then a chipper can help, because visually it sets up more like a putter. (I find you can just as easy do a putting motion with an 8 or 9 iron to get a similar result, but I get that lining up the...
  15. Capella

    Do golf lessons work?

    From my experience, there are two kinds of golf pros. Those who go about it as bobmac describes in the quote above ... by making small but effective changes. Those lessons are normally very valuable and have a positive effect right away (you still need to practice those changes to make the most...
  16. Capella

    Solheim Cup

    yeah, that made me smile a bit ... I sense some drama.
  17. Capella

    oldest active seniors

    They don't count. They are Japanese. Japanese people don't age. They just eat raw fish, algae and sticky rice all life and then gracely sign out when they are 115 or so, looking not a day older than 50. (Just kidding, of course. I think it is awesome what those guys do. Seriously, most European...
  18. Capella

    To spin back or not to spin back

    Ideally, I want my ball to stop where it drops and not hop forward too much or spin back (but to be honest, a lot must come together for my balls to spin backwards anyway ... happens once every blue moon and always when I don't want it).
  19. Capella

    Abusive call through

    Managed your speed? You should have told them: "Yeah, sorry, I was trying to keep up with the three ball in front of you."
  20. Capella

    oldest active seniors

    My golfclub just posted a little story on their website: Basically, all three of those guys are over 90 years old and still play regularl (togehter they are 279 years old, which is what it says in the...