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  1. eddie_1878

    GPS Phone App Discussion

    I’ve been using V1 for the last few months…works great and gives some good post-round analysis on the higher subscription. Yardages and GPS accurate 95% of the time.
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    Wedges bounce /grind

    I’m aware of my bounces and have an idea of what a higher bounce will give me but I’m very much in the bracket whereby I’m looking for something middle of the road/neutral….safe in other words! Would hate to buy a club I can only use on one particular lie. I have space for another wedge...
  3. eddie_1878

    Pop up practice nets

    They’re garbage. I ended up buying a heavy duty multi use net that could take a full swing strike, however you miss it with a shank or sky shot and it’s going towards a neighbours house/car. I wouldn’t hit a ball in the garden again personally! I found having to restrict my swing in order to...
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    What else do you get out of golf.

    I find golf is great for many things: -Getting out the house to go somewhere where I’m not getting bevvied and paying for it for the next couple of days! -The fitness aspect. It’s surprising how many calories you can burn playing, especially when playing by yourself with nobody in front...
  5. eddie_1878

    How many times do you keep score.

    Same here. V1 is basically my scorecard unless I’m marking for playing partners too. Even if I need to put a card in I can fill one out retrospectively, referencing the scores on the app. It’s just as quick as writing on a card. In regards to using a watch/phone for yardages…it’s a no-brainer...
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    Since you seem to know what you’re talking about… Played my first round today as a one ball, since registering on England golf. I’ve just tried to enter my scorecard on the app but it’s telling me I need someone else to verify my card before submitting. Does this mean I can’t enter cards...
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    Cheers Jim.
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    Been playing casually without a handicap this summer. Finally put my three qualifying cards in to get an official handicap so I can enter comps etc. The three cards I put in were poor rounds, all over 90, which I was worrying would give me a higher handicap than what I generally play to- I...
  9. eddie_1878

    Course maintenance

    I asked a member the other day and he confirmed it was just green work which doesn’t result in any closures etc. Basically the greens won’t be as good as they normally are for a couple of weeks, which I’m sure won’t be too much of a hindrance with my putting!
  10. eddie_1878

    Course maintenance

    My clubs newsletter has just mentioned course maintenance is to begin in September. What does this generally mean? More GUR areas or as extreme as a closed course for certain days?
  11. eddie_1878

    Playing partner falsifying scores

    Was on a casual round a few weeks ago as a 3 ball, we keep tabs on round winners to add a slight bit of competition but all in fun. Marker missed marking the 5th and didn’t realise until after the 9th so had to mark it retrospectively. I told them mine was a 5 to which they replied that they’d...
  12. eddie_1878

    Breaking 90

    Only broke 90 myself this summer so can relate to your feeling of elation! Done it a few times now but I’m always delighted. Going for 85 next as 80 is a bit of a stretch while I’m still 3 putting 2/3 times a round! It’s funny though, I don’t keep score in my head as I go round, just score...
  13. eddie_1878

    What do you want from an opening hole?

    Usually happy with bogey. Having said that my last three hole 1 bogeys on my course have come as a result of three putting. What baffles me more is my warm-up putting is usually very good to excellent. It seems the more time and care I take, the worse my putting is!
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    Should i get a membership?

    This is my first year as a member and it’s the best thing I’ve done.
  15. eddie_1878

    V1 game app

    Anyone else use this? Tried it for the first time today on my phone/watch after years of using golfshot and find it to be very erratic when it came to shot tracking. When I was reviewing the auto-detected shots post-round, one hole it had me taking me tee shot from the middle of the fairway...
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    Years of the shanks - Please help

    Had this issue last year…as sweaty sock suggested it may be a case of your weight moving towards your toes on the downswing- it was with me. As soon as I was conscious of it and confirmed it by filming myself swing, I worked on staying more balanced throughout the shot. Now I FEEL as though I’m...
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    Insurance claim advice.

    I managed to smash my iPad screen a few weeks ago. Put in a claim for repair/replacement on the contents insurance, as accidental damage. Insurer outsourced the claim to another company (which I thought was strange) who’ve carried out a check on the device & said they can repair it. Great news...
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    2021 Professional Golf Thread

    Was it a “ohhhhh my gaaaaaad noooooooo!!” moment? Ridiculous!
  19. eddie_1878

    2021 Professional Golf Thread

    The vocal minority in the US crowd as unbearable as ever here. The incessant attention seeking yells following shots has to stop, it’s making me want to turn it off. Even worse is the baffling reaction to missed putts, which sound as though they’re witnessing a plane crash.
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    First time I’ve seen this advice, cheers.