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  1. MarkT

    Masters not to be shown on BBC

    Report in the Telegraph that says that Aunty is cutting costs and won’t be televising Augusta… no surprise at all really. Can anyone tell me what time the highlights were shown on BBC last year?
  2. MarkT

    RIP Barry Lane

    There are some nice memories here of Barry from two of his pals - Shacklady spoke for 40 minutes and absolutely idolised him
  3. MarkT

    Tips for new golfers - from golfers

    This is perfect, thank you all ?
  4. MarkT

    Tips for new golfers - from golfers

    Am looking for a bit of help (again) for a piece - we need some advice for new golfers from golfers who have played it for years. It can be quite daunting so we're trying to collate a template for people who are considering giving golf a go Any advice should be a minimum of around 80 words and...
  5. MarkT

    Changes to the Rules of Golf

    Just received this... nothing too ground-breaking it seems, just a bit more common sense being applied For Immediate Publication THE R&A AND THE USGA ANNOUNCE 2023 RULES OF GOLF UPDATE 07 November 2022, St Andrews, Scotland and Liberty Corner, NJ, USA: The R&A and the USGA have unveiled a...
  6. MarkT

    Televising Q School?

    Other than costs to the tour is there any downside to this? They've just televised all four days of the Challenge Tour Grand Final in Mallorca so you would imagine it would be similar costs. The appetite might not be quite as much as some of us believe but surely it would provide more drama than...
  7. MarkT

    PGA Euro Pro Tour

    Apparently none of the players knew this was going to happen, be interesting how the other tours step up as a load of players do EuroPro week in, week out
  8. MarkT

    Does your club still operate a roll-up?

    Hi Am putting together more explainer pieces. One is whether the roll-up still happens in your club? Obviously a lot of booking procedures have changed in the past few years so trying to gather if roll-ups happen anywhere these days, cheers
  9. MarkT

    LIV Golf

    Doesn't require a lot of investigation - the whole concept is built around money, and gloating about it, and then they don't mention it which was weird.
  10. MarkT

    LIV Golf

    Just meant the whole thing is all about the money, which is why I haven't bothered with it, but then they didn't mention it as though it was a vulgar subject. I am quite intrigued as to how much someone was paid after playing nine holes in 52 shots
  11. MarkT

    LIV Golf

    Watched my first chunk of LIV Golf last night and quite enjoyed it (as there was nothing else on) Likes Shotgun start - non-stop action (lack of ads) was pretty amazing viewing Playing in shorts - who really cares? Dislikes The hole microphone was particularly grating Still don't know which...
  12. MarkT

    What's the lowest handicapper that you've played with?

    Most of the above, not to be repeated but we've made up since
  13. MarkT

    What's the lowest handicapper that you've played with?

    I caddied for Gary in the Seniors Scottish Open at Fairmont St Andrews, metronomic accuracy with every club and an incredible putter though, fair to say, maybe not the easiest person to caddy for
  14. MarkT

    What's the lowest handicapper that you've played with?

    This week I played with Charlotte Heath who's the 35th best amateur in the world and who was runner-in the European Amateur last month. She plays off +6 (PLUS SIX if you're reading this on a vidiprinter) which is ridiculous. Carried it 230 yards, missed one fairway, hit the green with 4/4...
  15. MarkT

    LIV Golf

    Not sure where people stand on the women playing the Aramco Series. Meg MacLaren has given most of them a swerve and I'm pretty sure Mel Reid won't play in them - for most players it's the only way they've got a chance of making a living on the LET...
  16. MarkT


    You'd be mad not to include it having got all the way round there. It's brilliant, had an honesty box when we were there and some incredible holes. Nothing like Machrihanish or Dunes but really good fun. First handful of holes you might wonder what all the fuss is about, then it goes up a few...
  17. MarkT

    Clock watching

    Went to watch the Leeds Cup yesterday at Cobble Hall and one 'experienced' pro would get the stopwatch out as soon as any ball search took place. Obviously it's all part of the rules but it seemed like bad luck if you were playing with his sort. He would even have half an eye on the group...
  18. MarkT

    What's the best value course here (if any)?

    The 10 most expensive peak green fees in the UK.. As much as I'd love to play Co Down I'm not sure I could part with £300 for the privilege
  19. MarkT

    Who's going to be RC Captain ?

    Molinari E and Bjorn the two assistants in place. Imagine Bjorn the favourite though would rather McGinley - perfect ‘extenuating circumstances’ to get a former skipper involved and he was brilliant at Gleneagles. Not sure what Donald would bring to the table Other than a kick in the...
  20. MarkT

    The 2022 Open

    Yeah, you would think this will be his final St Andrews Open. Then again.. will be a fun four holes for Georgia Hall playing with him, Rory and Trevino tomorrow