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    Patrick Reed

    Hoping Rory doesn't water 18 again like last year.. ?
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    Garage/shed Golf Storage ideas

    I like the look of this... Is this custom built?
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    Course closures

    Wow... That's grim... I feel blessed now.. Closed for a month..
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    Course closures

    Lol. I take it the green keeper didn't take to kindly to the queries....hopefully it opens soon for ya. I don't have a problem when it's obviously going to do long term damage. But when you only get a full track from end of march to the end of Oct and then its closed a lot inbetween its getting...
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    Course closures

    I like that your course evaluates the condition of the individual holes as opposed to the course in least they are doing everything they can to allow the members to get a game of some sorts. It's more about getting out with your mates and catching up and stuff for me over the winter...
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    Course closures

    Getting fed up with course being closed regularly over the winter.. Work during the week so can only play weekends until lighter nights... Its 18 winter greens, forward tees and mostly off mats or a area in front of tees. We don't even play from the fairways... Place ball off the fairways so the...
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    2023 Professional Golf thread

    Something else... But now I know where Usk is... ?
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    2023 Professional Golf thread

    Lol.. Know what you mean Ian... I was gonna do the same myself... Flicked over sky before bed and noticed it was tight so ended up staying up.... Bit of a half shut knife the day though..
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    2023 Professional Golf thread

    What a finish.. Well done Rahm. Great comeback. I really should've went to bed but was worth it... Feel sorry for Morikawa right enough.
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    Flight bag - looking for recommendations

    Just done exact same and got the vip one... Not going till 2024 unfortunately but the usual Christmas golf money was screaming to be spent...
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    Club Locker

    Curious, how much did they cost before? I don't have a locker and no intention of getting one and certainly not for an additional £300. That's around a third of my yearly dues give or take...
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    LIV Golf

    It is indeed good news... Will add some extra spice for sure.
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    LIV Golf

    Maybe not... But I think you know what I meant...
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    LIV Golf

    Personally, I wouldn't want to see the threads split and people not allowed to post in it... What happened to freedom of speech / opinion.. We all have the choice of reading or not reading this thread... It is only golf at the end of the day.. Whilst I don't agree with some others views and...
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    Dogs on the course?

    Rofl.... Curling one out.. ?.. Sounds exactly like my spaniel.. The only time mines hit the course was lockdown where she had free rein to run wild... And we couldn't even swing a club in anger.. Although I did see the occasional person double a club up as walking stick and hit the odd ball or 2.
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    Clarkes Golf

    Used them a few times with no issues. . Got some good deals on FJ shoes that I "couldn't" resist... At least that's what the good lady was told.
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    Do you record your opponent’s Stableford points on their Scorecard?

    No, I don't bother.. If playing a stableford comp we just enter the scores in app as we go along.. Gives you live scoring.
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    LIV Golf

    I see Saudi have a football friendly with USA on Tuesday... In Spain ?‍♂️...
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    LIV Golf

    Im not sure what the main motivation for a pro is.... But I am but a mere' hacker and don't play my mates for cash... But you can be damn sure I'm motivated to want to beat them, as they are me, every time we play.. Its that inbuilt thing I am sure a lot of us have.? ?
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    150th open merchandise

    Cheers.. I did see that... And do like the picture.. Just wish I could see it in real life as opposed to a picture... It is nice though...