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  1. Steve In Spain

    Trying to visit again!

    Hiya everyone....I haven't posted for a very long time due to some..ermmm..."problem" on here, however decided to afford you with the pleasure of my company again ;). Serious though, going to give it another go and learn to ignore certain elements.
  2. Steve In Spain

    How to make friends on here.....

    Cannot beat short sleeves and shorts for can be seen from the photo of 2 weeks ago....
  3. Steve In Spain

    How to make friends on here.....

    Tell them that on Wednesday you are teeing off at just before noon for your last game of 2011 at La Finca Golf Course. The weather forecast is fairly mild at 14 to 15 degrees. La Finca is one of the top courses around this area and the price shows....but we are very lucky and get a round for...
  4. Steve In Spain

    Santa's been and left me my R11's!

    UPS arrived, I was smiling.....I am still smiling. They look nice, very nice. I am just going to have a cuppa and then take myself off to the range and hit 3 or 4 baskets. Tomorrow I will go and use this free round of golf voucher I have and give them a proper try out and see how far longer...
  5. Steve In Spain

    Golf Monthly Magazine Subscription

    This is where I envy you blokes in Blighty. You can get a 12 month subscription for £35...know what they want to send it here to Spain for 12 months? 83.20€...over DOUBLE the price....6.53€ an issue as opposed to your £2.74. Now, I am sure it isn't THAT expensive to send a magazine in...
  6. Steve In Spain

    Robin Williams on Golf!

    Apologies if this has been published on here before, but it's still worth watching again!
  7. Steve In Spain

    Alicante Golf Course

    Roman villa ruins circa 1BC. They found this villa when they were excavating the Seve designed is GUR of course, but something you don't see every day when playing golf!
  8. Steve In Spain

    Good Morning!

    Good morning is a luvverly day out here in Spain, bit of wind (no, I didn't have any curry) but sunny and a "chilly" 12* right now!