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  1. Ye Olde Boomer

    The Cricket Thread

    Hey, that's not so hard! I guess the game doesn't have to last forever in matches of a certain type. Small strike zone--the wicket is narrower than home plate (rubber plate fitted into the ground) so the bowlers must be very accurate. The fielders catch that hard ball without gloves? Tough...
  2. Ye Olde Boomer

    The Cricket Thread

    Thanks very much. The first explanation, I assume, was from Benny Hill, no?
  3. Ye Olde Boomer

    Still Game

    Great to hear from you as well, Tash! Just please be careful in the States. As you know, it's not too bad is you stay away from the more dodgey environs.
  4. Ye Olde Boomer

    The Cricket Thread

    A cricket ball and a baseball are both about 9" in circumference and are constructed similarly as well. The baseball's cover is made of two #8 shaped pieces to make it more symmetrical, however, and we don't ever play with red ones. Always white, except in the "softball" version of the game...
  5. Ye Olde Boomer

    Still Game

    I've got to see if I have Chewin' the Fat on the viewing menu. Those juvenile delinquents on Still Game are exactly what happen when neighborhood police don't have Glocks. I know it's just fiction, but you admit it's a fairly accurate depiction, and most of those kids would never reach...
  6. Ye Olde Boomer

    Upgrading Car Headlights

    My daily driver is a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and my summer toy is a restomodded (restored and modified) 1962 Corvette. [Don't judge me. We get a gallon of petrol for what you play for a liter. ] With a .44 Magnum at my temple, I couldn't tell you what's in them for bulbs. Will admit this...
  7. Ye Olde Boomer

    How many hybrids do you carry?

    I'm not carrying any. Driver Driving iron 17, 21, 25º fairway woods. 5-9 irons (27-42°) 48, 54, 60º wedges putter No hybrids. Nothing at all against them, mind you. Just have the fourteen slots filled with other things. The way I'm playing, however, a garden spade, cricket bat, croquette...
  8. Ye Olde Boomer

    First day of the week?

    I was also brought up Christian--Catholic, being an Italian-American-- but as you can quite obviously see, it didn't stick.
  9. Ye Olde Boomer

    Your Shot of the Year

    I didn't have a shot of the year. My spinal stenosis is making me play like a complete scraper. I'm embarrassing myself, if I'm to be honest. Perhaps I should just play gin in the clubhouse next year. While I'm playing it, I can drink it as well....although frankly, I'm mostly a coffee guy...
  10. Ye Olde Boomer

    First day of the week?

    Yes, it's pretty much an American thing. On our calendar, Sunday is the first day of the week, even though we still regard it as part of the "weekend."
  11. Ye Olde Boomer

    Still Game

    Just turn on the close captioning and we're golden. And I'm not being disrespectful. I have to do the same things with shows that take place in the American south.
  12. Ye Olde Boomer

    Still Game

    Public floggings, when they existed, were judicial. Shooting one another's asses off, I'm sorry to admit, is the American national sport. Those genius founders who respectfully relieved George III of the responsibility of sorting us out inexplicably codified that into our constitution...but...
  13. Ye Olde Boomer

    Still Game

    Anyway, I watch lots of foreign TV on Netflix, and the UK has it's share--I've watched shows that take place in all four countries. Hinterland is Wales, I believe, and Derry Girls is Northern Ireland. Still Game is Scotland, and I guess that Foyle's War was my favorite English series. That...
  14. Ye Olde Boomer

    The Footie Thread

    I understand that there's some big game coming up between the French and Argentine national teams. I don't know much about that version of the game. Our football here in Boston is a mess. The Patriots current record is a mediocre 7-6 with four games to go. The games have been putting me to...
  15. Ye Olde Boomer

    Still Game

    Anybody ever hear of it? They're supposed to be speaking English but I still have to go with the subtitles to understand them. I've been binge-watching this old Scottish show on American Netflix. It's about senior citizens around my age. It's supposed to be a comedy, but all of the...
  16. Ye Olde Boomer

    Drivers - has the promise of extra distance ever been true?

    I don't know. I choose drivers for finding fairways, not for maximum distance. Then I only play them on a few holes anyway. I have to see wide open spaces to hit driver. Otherwise, I wear out my driving iron. Conservative off the tee, Bold into greens. That's always been my style.
  17. Ye Olde Boomer

    WW3 -All Russia / Ukraine stuff here please-

    Perhaps it's time for the planet to cleanse itself of its most malignant infection: humanity. Going on isn't worth suffering clowns like Putin. Blessed are those at the nuclear detonation sites who will not die slowly. Aren't we sick of being timid? Let it rip! Our best is behind us anyway...
  18. Ye Olde Boomer

    Why do golfers buy white shoes?

    That's a great question. In the steel spike era, I would always have a pair of black and white wing tip saddles and a pair of brown and white wing tip saddles. That's what my uncle did when I was a kid, so I did it too when I grew up. Once the steel spikes were proscribed, I could never get...
  19. Ye Olde Boomer

    7 iron how far do you hit it?

    I've got 7-irons ranging in loft from 29° (newest) to 40° (oldest). The term "7-iron" means nothing to me anymore. One has to remember one's length with each specific club in modern golf, regaardless of the number stamping on the sole. Although my old 9-wood and new 7-iron have the same...
  20. Ye Olde Boomer

    What length is your driver? Have you changed it from the standard club length?

    My driver is an undersized 307cc model with 43¾" shaft. I don't have a special driver swing. I need a driver that lets me push the tee almost all the way down and hit down at the ball. The TaylorMade 300 13.5° driver was only in production briefly but I managed to get one. It's partnered...