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    Membership cost increase

    Considering we have had the same £775 since before COVID I’m actually a little surprised at the 7% as I was expecting at least 10%. I’d imagine the new fee will be £830 so I’m happy with that.
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    Smash factor for an amateur with driver

    That would be absolute perfect launch conditions for that carry at the top end speed. I’d expect a 145-150mph ball speed would result in a 235-245 carry depending on launch for most amateurs. Sounds like OP’s swing speed is around 100-103mph Reason I’m confident on those numbers are because...
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    Blades v GI. Something to Ponder

    No way of knowing without getting on a launch monitor but since there is 5 degrees static loft difference between them you would expect at least a 10 yard carry distance difference. Must be something to do with how you are delivering them that means they both have around the same dynamic loft at...
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    Dogs on the course?

    Sounds like my experience with my lab as well. He's ball motivated and will chase it to the end of the earth if you let him. I tried a few times on a quiet evening and I always tethered him to my trolley. After every shot he would bark and eventually the temptation would get too much and he...
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    Membership cost increase

    Yeah, it's the accumulation of things. I know in my household (with 2 kids) we are about £30 a week more for food without buying anything extra and my fuel bill is £330 a month, up from about £170 last year. Diesel has also gone up massively as have take-away treats. It's £7 for a meal in...
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    Membership cost increase

    The Park from what I've been told. I know they run January to December so renewals have just gone out. It was one of the most expensive in the area already before the rise. I noticed for the first time ever that they also had an offer on my facebook feed last month that was for joining now and...
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    Membership cost increase

    Ours runs April to March but the last 3 or so years the renewal has come out the week before Xmas with the offer of paying in full in January to get £35 on your club card. I was expecting ours to go up by at least 10% since we haven’t had a rise since before covid but I know one of the more...
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    At what stage of winter golf is your Club in?

    I’d rather still get out than be dragged out shopping with the wife and kids. When your only chance of a game is Saturday morning then I’ll be out playing unless it’s a hurricane.
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    Handicaps going down under WHS

    This is what I saw at my place as well. The Cat 1 guys went down, the Cat 2 and low Cat 3 stayed around the same and the others went up. I was 9.1 before the change and my first WHS index was 7.2 which meant I had a course handicap of 9. My mate who was always scratch with the odd week here...
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    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    Played on Saturday with @Lord Tyrion and my poor form continued. Drove the ball ok after the first one, was in play the whole way round after it but was a bit all over the face and got away with a few. Hit my irons terribly again, I've got the chunks which isn't great on wet ground. Started...
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    So how did your Summer season go ?

    I had a really good season in the end but like most amateurs it had its ups and downs. Started the season at 5.4 and was hoping to get down to 4.4 which would give me a playing handicap of 5 at my place. When I took the game up again 6 years ago getting to Cat 1 seemed like a pipe dream and if...
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    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    Was our last qualifier of the year last weekend (course work began on Monday to redesign the 9th) and I finished it off in style with a gross 88. :ROFLMAO: Just one of those days were the swing was slightly off and I kept hitting the big ball before the little ball which you can sometimes get...
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    WHS doesn't work

    In theory yes but it doesn't work out that way. Usually a low handicapper is more stable in their scoring and quite a lot of them have basically reached their potential but higher handicaps consist of the same types of players but also others that are still improving and are capable of shooting...
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    RRP of balls. Is it getting beyond ridiculous?

    No way I'm bouncing a urethane ball on concrete just to scuff it before playing it. I always play a Urethane covered ball during summer. With winter approaching now and greens getting much softer I'd have no issues playing something like an AD333. Those can actually be beneficial in the winter...
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    LIV Golf

    No route to the Masters or PGA though.
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    LIV Golf

    Might need those eyes tested then. 😂 For me, JT has one of the highest ceilings of any player. He just has everything and every shot. Some of the rounds he played last season in high winds were unbelievable, flighting in a 7 iron to 17 at Sawgrass, winning a few tournaments while being on the...
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    Worrying times ahead for golf clubs

    I can see a lot of clubs just simply shutting the clubhouse down when they come off fixed rates and there is no government cap in place. They won't be able to justify a 4 or 6 fold increase in energy prices.
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    New Swing Video

    I'm definitely no expert but you seem to be bending over at address a bit too much and you are reaching for the ball, your hands are miles away from your body. There doesn't seem to be a great deal of hip rotation on the backswing either and you can see your right heal is still on the ground at...
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    RRP of balls. Is it getting beyond ridiculous?

    I agree with a lot of what you say about technology in golf but I disagree to an extent with this. I can definitely notice the difference between a urethane covered and non-urethane covered ball on pitches from around 90 yards and in. The urethane ball will launch lower and stop quicker on...
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    RRP of balls. Is it getting beyond ridiculous?

    After playing Honma TW-X for most of this season if I was after cheap balls then the Honma A1 must be worth a bash. £13 a dozen or if you buy 3 or more they are £11.69 a dozen.