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  1. IanM

    Anyone been to Machynys this "winter?"

    Going there on on 14th.... usually soggy fairways this time of year. Anyone played recently with condition info?
  2. IanM

    Where to stay for Holinwell AND Alwoodly??? (local knowledge needed)

    Mate of mine has just booked us in to the pairs event at these two courses in July...sensible tee times around midday too! Travelling up from the south, take it as read that we'll need two different places as the courses are 75 miles apart, (odd they have a joint Open!) Anyone with local...
  3. IanM

    Golf near Newbury?

    Weather permitting, I am arranging a game with an old colleague somewhere between Southampton and Chepstow. Newbury seems logical. Anyone know if N&C or Donnington drain reasonably well at this time of year? Also which Donnington is the old Parasampia (on both sides of the A34) ..there's...
  4. IanM

    Help needed witch Opens in Yorkshire (inc Seniors) and Notts

    I've played lots of courses, but I have never played in Yorkshire! Keen to put it right this year. Thought I'd start by looking to get into some Opens. Clearly I'd like to do any mix of Ganton, Alwoodly, Moortown etc etc ... Lindrick, Holinwell (over the Border!) So, a heads up which of...
  5. IanM

    Adjustable Driver heads stuck!

    Going on a flight tomorrow, so packing the clubs. Head won't come off wife's new G425. WD40 applied, don't want to force it so gave up. Get my G425 out of the bag. Mine won't budge either, even though it has been off several times tinkering on the practice tee. Weird. Any ideas?
  6. IanM

    Women playing in Mens' Comp

    This morning we had a woman enter what is technically a men's comp. It was a "best 2 from 4" stableford, someone cried off so a chap got his wife to play. Newport 71.9/131 Reds 73.3/125 I remember playing an Pairs Open at Wells this summer where some women were playing and I got an extra shot...
  7. IanM

    Collectible blooming painted plates, loads of them!!

    My father in law died in 2000, mum in law is now 84 and going well for an older citizen! She is still living in the house my wife grew up in, they moved there in 1967. Mum in law has been doing her nut about clearing out the loft in case she's needs to move to an old folks flat soon. Anyway...
  8. IanM

    Castletown, Isle of Man

    Anyone played on the Isle of Man or holidayed there? Saw something about the island on tv recently, and thought that's somewhere we've not been. Might have to di a trip. Any thoughts/tips etc appreciated
  9. IanM

    Bad golf balls you find

    Found this in the rough at Saunton today. Seriously, who would pitch up at Saunton and play something from a Marks and Sparks Xmas Box😳
  10. IanM

    Scotty Cameron Dark Red Paint

    Anyone know where to get some paint to renovate my aging putter? I got a great bottle of special golf club paint off Amazon. But the colour described as dark red is more "pillar box" than the dark red on the Scotty. Ideas appreciated
  11. IanM

    Rye... and the Jubilee Course

    Finally getting to play Rye next week. Got the option of playing the Jubilee Course in the morning. Anyone been and played that? Isn't it 12 holes and you play 6 of them twice? Is it worth playing. And yes, it's long socks with shorts. So long trousers it is!
  12. IanM

    Too shocked to comment on a breach?

    I forgot to mention this when it happened. A couple of weeks ago, @Crazyface and I were playing in a Pairs Open. On the first green one of the other Pair was about to putt and tapped his ball with his putter and moved it a fraction to the side. He then proceeded to putt out. A couple of...
  13. IanM

    International (sort of) score feeds

    Have the boffins pulled their fingers out and sorted the feed out between the home Unions? Played an Open in England today, and a couple of hours later it is showing on the Wales Golf App!
  14. IanM

    Pro shop break in

    The pro shop at the Grove near Porthcawl was broken into last night. They made off with all the Ping G425 metal woods, Stealth metal woods, Taylormade putters and my assistants clubs. All of these clubs won’t have head covers so please share this and if you’re offered anything similar please...
  15. IanM

    WHS how long can a counting score count?

    Played with a guy yesterday, who missed much of past couple of years through illness. The 20th score on his record is 4th May 2019. The differential is the 2nd lowest in the list... but it is not one of his eight counting. Is that because its over 3 years old? It'll drop off next week...
  16. IanM

    Experimenting with driver settings

    My bad tee shot recently has been a low pully hook! Messing around the range this morning I moved the weight on my Ping 425 from the draw to the neutral setting. I was then hitting gentle fade..although I'm wondering if my corrections were at the root of it. When I wanted a bad low hook, I...
  17. IanM

    3 clubs and a putter... crazy goings on!!

    My wife just had a message from a mate of hers. This lady is nearer 70 than 60, plays off 30. Never does that well. Anyway. 3 clubs and putter comp this week, she walks off with 50 POINTS! Round of her life. Played medal yesterday, with full bag. Chopped it round. Isn't golf great?
  18. IanM

    Cotswolds and Oxon info

    Going to do a mini trip with my regular 4 ball in July. They are all too tight to play big names so I thought get them to Oxfordshire for some value. Recent info appreciated I'm thinking Burford. Havent been for years, is it still good? Greens used to be top notch. Is the Cotswold...
  19. IanM

    Donnington Grove and Donnington Valley

    Anyone with recent experience of any of these? I haven't played "Grove" for ages and have never played Donnington Valley. I always thought it was 9 holes.... :-) Looking to book a game with my brother in law about half way between us!
  20. IanM

    Zevo Comp Equipe irons

    Anyone know anything about Zevo irons? I've never heard of them. Neighbour gave me a set of Zevo Comp Equipe to shift for him. A few sets on ebay, no idea if they should be chucked in a skip or the sort of things to be @Crow in his car in a hurry! :D