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  1. Mattyboy

    Can anyone recommend a chainsaw please?

    Between my neighbour and myself we have a hedge around 120 feet long and 3 feet wide which needs tidying up. I want to take 6 feet off of the top and quotes are coming in at £1,000 +. We are on the north side and down a hill so I want to take allot off to get more sunlight in the garden. As I...
  2. Mattyboy

    Putting Coach - South East

    Can anyone recommend a putting coach in Surrey / Kent / Sussex that has SAM? I have had enough! Many thanks
  3. Mattyboy

    US Open Qual; Walton Heath tomorrrow

    Looking forward to going along tomorrow. Anyone else going? IMO it's the best days golf watching of the year. The draw can be found here;
  4. Mattyboy

    After a Ping Rapture Driving iron

    Firstly, seasons greetings to you all. Are Direct Golf still trading - anyone know - Their website suggests they are and DG Tunbridge Wells is open. Or would American Golf price match DG. I used to use a Ping Eye 2 1 iron and loved it - but it had box grooves....I know exactly what I want -...
  5. Mattyboy


    Driving around the M25 this week, I saw a traffic sign which said 'Sign not in use'. Well that's nice to know, I thought. Anyone else seen any signs that seem pointless?
  6. Mattyboy

    59s at the Shriners?

    Seems to be happening more often than not these days but both Byrd and Tringale are -7 thru 11. 4 more required in the last 7. As they started on different halves, their better ball stands at 58 and can only go down. Not bad.......... :whistle:
  7. Mattyboy

    Liverpool V Palace - Not sure I can watch!

    I was intending to watch the game this afternoon (don't ask me how!) but now I am thinking it will turn into a bad experience. And my boy (who's 10) will want to watch too. Am I risking shattering a young boys dreams?:confused: Thoughts?
  8. Mattyboy

    Setting up a wireless printer - Help please

    So HID came back with a wireless printer for me to install! An Epson Home XP-405WH. I started to set this up at the start of the Brighton V Newcastle cup game but require some help now - after 7 hours of trying. When I run the set up disc there is an error message - ' An error occurred during...
  9. Mattyboy

    BBC1 Northern Ireland - Rory - Being Number 1

    Just a heads up that on Thursday on BBC1 NI at 10.30pm is the above. That's channel 953 on Sky.:thup: Apologies if this has been mentioned before.:whistle:
  10. Mattyboy

    Tour Angle 144

    Being a sucker for training gadgets, especially those that you can hit balls with (and those that might actually help my game), I came across this. Has anyone tried it? I think it looks pretty good but I would welcome other...
  11. Mattyboy

    Rory on 18

    Just watching a re run of the golf on Sky and Rory dumped his tee shot on 18 into the water. Tim Barter said 'thinking of other things may be'. So my brothers and sisters, exactly what do you think Rory was thinking of? I reckon 'all I need here is a par for a net 70 and another 0.1...
  12. Mattyboy

    Long Putters

    OK - the subject has been done to death on here. Robert Lee (on Sky tonight) said that he believes that the R&A will make an announcement regards long putters soon. He said that there would be a period where players affected can 'get used to' a shorter wand, so they wouldnt be banned with...
  13. Mattyboy

    Patrick Cohn books

    The other week browsing on Ebay I bought a couple of Patrick Cohn books. Peak Performance Golf and Going Low. Having read the first and well through towards the end of the second I feel that this is just what I need. Theres nothing about how to hit shots in either book. PPG shows how to...
  14. Mattyboy

    Ping K15 3 wood (TFC stiff) RH

    I was looking at alternatives to my I15 3 wood but havent found anything that I think is better for me personally, hence I am getting rid of the above. £100 posted - condition is representative of the price (its immaculate). Head cover included. PM me if interested an I wil send you some...
  15. Mattyboy

    Qualifying comp: How come?

    Today we had our annual bogey competition. In other words its full handicap matchplay against the course. This year they made it full handicap (as opposed to 3/4 in previous years) and I understand (after the round!) that this was make it a qualifying comp! Two questions: 1) How can a standard...
  16. Mattyboy

    Cant wait for Junes GM

    They normally do a swing analysis of the Masters winner! That could put it on the top shelf with the adult mags! Good luck Jezz!:thup:
  17. Mattyboy

    Jason Day withdraws

    I understand he has quit - glad I had a tenner each way on him and had him in the forum predictions!:mmm:
  18. Mattyboy

    Now I shouldnt moan about Ross Fisher

    Cause he is a Surrey lad. But the amount of 'you knows' he throws into an interview is enough to put David Beckham et al to shame!:sbox:
  19. Mattyboy

    Skys 'Red Button'

    Does anyone know if you can watch the red button on the net? I have a sky logon etc so could watch Sky Sports. :confused: I will be on a train (free WIFI) from Bristol to London on Thursday afternoon when they show the Amen Corner watch and (as the song goes) dont want to miss a thing. Thanks...
  20. Mattyboy

    Oh Sergio!

    Weve all been in a good position, well below our handicap, after 9 or so holes and blown up. So take heart with Sergio's score today in the WGC at Doral. 1st 9: 6 birdies 2 pars 1 bogey = -5 (31 gross):) 2nd 9: 1 birdie 1 par 6 bogeys 1 triple! = +8 (44 gross):( Enough said really.