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    Elbow injury

    Just started playing again, I've had some lessons, & have changed a few things which needed doing. I'm now hitting down & compressing the ball much more, & as a result have been hitting it beautifully. However, I'm a serial practicer & yesterday spent 4 hours hitting over 200 balls plus more...
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    US Open 2020 TV Coverage

    Watching Pebble Beach this week on Sky & seeing their Promo's for the year but doesnt include the US Open. They usually show this. Checked on the US Open website & no TV coverage partner is shown, so I'm reading that we will have nowhere to watch it over here? Have I missed something? Or is this...
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    Handicap of Plus Seven!

    Was watching the British Masters the other day & I'm sure I heard that the young lad Jordan, I think he plays out of Hoylake, had a handicap of Plus 7 before turning pro. Now how does that work? I mean what happens if you enter a monthly Stableford competition, how is your handicap allowance...
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    Corhampton GC

    I was wondering if anyone on here is a member at Corhampton GC in Hampshire. I moved to Waltham Chase last summer which is 10 mins away from Corhampton, & I notice they are part of the Playmore idea. Being an experienced player who hasnt played for 4 years, I'm confident that I can play to a...