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  1. Green Bay Hacker

    Hooter sounded for fog

    What is the ruling at your clubs? Yesterday I was playing with a mate at his links course. As we played the 8th, the mist/fog rolled in and it quickly became difficult to see much more than 100 yards ahead. As we were putting out on 16 the hooter was sounded and we assumed that we were supposed...
  2. Green Bay Hacker

    Ditching the driver

    After months, if not years, of struggle with the driver, I have finally left it out of the bag. My WHS handicap has been rocketing upwards this year, mainly down to problems off the tee but I've gradually brought the 3 wood into play. The last 3 rounds have seen the driver used less and less and...
  3. Green Bay Hacker

    Best front and back 9 comps

    For those of you that run best front and back 9 comps and also 2's within the main competition, are you allowed to win any of those prizes if you have an NR on one hole and the comp is a medal? I have always viewed them as separate comps and that an NR in the main comp is irrelevant to any of...
  4. Green Bay Hacker

    Tim Tucker

    Quits as Bryson's caddy an hour or so before he was due to tee off today. Very strange timing! They have split before but apparently no way back this time.
  5. Green Bay Hacker

    Local rule

    We have one hole that has a fence running across it about 160 yards in front of a raised tee. The fence is there to protect the fairway and green from animals. Most players clear this but quite a lot of seniors don't and even more struggle when it is into a stiff breeze. If your ball comes to...
  6. Green Bay Hacker

    Handicap limits in comps.

    Now WHS is in full swing, are any clubs putting handicap limits on who can win their comps? Are clubs allowed to put these limits on or is it purely down to each club? In the past I know of clubs who have restricted their majors to a handicap limit of 18.
  7. Green Bay Hacker

    Playing the wrong ball.

    Playing in a 4 ball today and player A's tee shot on 9 hit a tree and no one saw it come down. Players B. C and D were all in the fairway. Player A hit a provisional and went to look for his first ball. Players B and C played their second shots to the green and went to look for A's ball. After...
  8. Green Bay Hacker

    Golf course injuries

    Heard of all the usual injuries on the golf course, hit by balls/bits of clubs, twisted ankles, falling over etc but I suffered a new one the other day. I chipped in on the first from the fringe and went to pick the ball out of the hole and felt a severe pain in the back of my hand. The...
  9. Green Bay Hacker

    Fact or fiction?

    You go into a bunker and play out to the back of the green. Rake the bunker and then go and play your next shot. You chip your next shot down the green and it goes back into the bunker that you have just played out of. Is it then a penalty as you have already raked that bunker?
  10. Green Bay Hacker

    Competition Sponsors

    Played in a sponsored seniors open competition yesterday and the sponsors were a firm of funeral directors. Next to the first tee was a hearse full of balloons and you had to guess the amount of balloons in the hearse to win a cash prize. We were in the last group out of a total of over 140...
  11. Green Bay Hacker

    Large handicap cuts

    Just seen on Twitter that a guy won Conwy's weekend competition with a net 56 (82 less 26). CSS was 73 so he was 17 shots under CSS. His handicap has dropped to 19. What's the largest cut that others have seen from just one comp?
  12. Green Bay Hacker

    Abandoning a round

    Last weekend we had a dispute about playing to a pin that was surrounded by water. Towards the middle of the afternoon in a 2 man Texas Scramble, the heavens opened and a couple of greens began to flood. A group reached the 18th only to find standing water surrounding the pin which was not there...
  13. Green Bay Hacker

    Nearest the pin prize.

    I'm sure we'll all pretty much agree that to win a nearest the pin prize you have to be on the green. Same with the longest drive, you have to be on the fairway. Well yesterday in our seniors open the winner of the nearest the pin was describing how he was surprised to actually win and was...
  14. Green Bay Hacker

    Competition result dispute.

    On Saturday our stableford comp was won, on countback, with 41 points. I was wondering why the results were not on HDID and have just found out the reason. Apparently the lad who came out on top played a wayward shot to the eleventh green and ended up in the cabbage. He played a provisional on...
  15. Green Bay Hacker

    AGM changes

    Speaking to a work colleague I found it hard to take in what is going at their club. Last year a 'manager' was taken on at their club. In their view, the general membership do not know the circumstances of the appointment other than he was a member appointed by the captain. At their AGM the...
  16. Green Bay Hacker

    Bank account hacked

    Had look at my bank statement online last night and noticed a transaction to Tesco on the south coast for £170 that was clearly not mine so I did a suspicious transaction report online. Had a look at the account tonight and there was another transaction for even more. Rang the bank up and they...
  17. Green Bay Hacker

    Dubai advice

    Anyone been? Looking to go end of Feb, beginning of March 2018 as two couples, Girls just want beach and shopping while we just want golf. Is it best to be close to the centre or further down by The Palms? There seem to be decent prices for both areas, Should we book golf before we go or when...
  18. Green Bay Hacker

    Food for thought

    On Thursday one of our seniors hit a tee shot into the trees and struck a pigeon. The bird fell down stone dead. The greenkeeper was nearby and took the bird home for his tea. Yesterday the guy who struck the bird turned up for Sunday lunch with his wife and this is the menu they received :
  19. Green Bay Hacker

    Biggest faux pas on the course!

    Played in a comp at Chorley yesterday, first time I had been to the course. Things were going reasonably well, seven points from the first three holes and we come to SI 1. It was playing straight into the wind and is a blind hole with the green hidden over a ridge. A decent first two shots saw...
  20. Green Bay Hacker

    Foursomes handicap difference

    My daughter played in our ladies foursomes comp a couple of days ago and the rules are that they play half the difference between the combined handicaps. The difference was 1 so half of that is 0.5 and I would expect that to be rounded up to 1 but the ladies handicap secretary says it is rounded...