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  1. Mungoscorner

    Broom Handle 7 Iron

    Can't be bothered to disect the R&A rule book, so asking if anybody knows the rules regarding shaft length. Would an Iron with a broom handle shaft and grip be legal in competition ?
  2. Mungoscorner

    Wanted: Patriot Driver Headcover

    My Patriot Saltire headcover has finally given up the ghost after years of loyal service. Theres virtually no sponge left in the top half, and the sock part is stretched so much that it refuse's to stay on my driver. I've trawled the net for the last few weeks all to no avail, they don't seem to...
  3. Mungoscorner

    Well Done Big Phil

    Would loved to have seen a British winner, but cannot think of a more worthy oversea's winner than big Phil. He never stopped trying and reaped his reward after the leaders crumbled around him. Absolute gent, my best wishe's to him and his family.
  4. Mungoscorner

    Anybody Play Tennis

    Do we have any tennis players on the forum ? My 16 yo daughter has started playing tennis, she's had one or two lessons and has been told to get herself a raquet and balls. I have absolutely no idea what we should be looking for. A friend has mentioned that lighter raquets are better for...
  5. Mungoscorner

    Grip Choice Sweaty/Wet Hands.

    My clubs have Multi Compounds Fitted, and if i'm honest i really can't fault them except for durability and cost. However, a couple of my wedges have GP Tour Velvets fitted, and if i'm honest they feel even better than the Multi Compounds. They are very tacky, are soft enough without being...
  6. Mungoscorner

    It's Time

    Here goes then, 4 rounds over 4 course's for the Macmillan Longest Day Golf Challenge. We are hoping to hit the first tee shot at Copsewood Grange in about 40 minutes time, and i'm praying we can get around within 3 hours as we are booked on the next course at 7.20. Course's in order will...
  7. Mungoscorner

    Project X 7C3

    On the lookout for a new driver and came across a 910 D3 fitted with the Project X 7C3 shaft at a bargain price. Does anybody here have a similar driver setup, or have this shaft fitted in another driver ? I still have a trusty old Grafalloy Prolite S in my driver, and to be fair it seems to...
  8. Mungoscorner

    Cardinal Sin

    Played in a company team event today, team captain thought we had done quite well considering the wind and he suggested we hang about in case we had made the prize list. Three hours and several pints later our team captain emerged from the scorers hut with the comment " some t**t forgot to sign...
  9. Mungoscorner

    Longest Day Challenge.

    Me and a few friends were talking about taking up the longest day challenge this year,and i was wondering if any forumers had done this in the past, or planning to do so this year ? Having never done this before i'd be greatful for any advice regarding the challenge.We have discussed several...
  10. Mungoscorner

    Comic Relief

    Will try to keep this short,and maybe not so sweet. For those of us fortunate enough to be able to play golf tomorrow/sunday,when your moaning about a missed putt,sliced/hooked drive etc,spare a thought for those less fortunate than ourselves. I really don't care what colour,race,religion...
  11. Mungoscorner

    Adidas Shoe Sizing

    Apologies if i've posted in the wrong section. Looking for advice regarding Adidas shoe sizing.I've always worn Adidas,and they always seem to be a half size small,i.e i'm a 9 but need a 9.5 in Adidas. Having been away from the game until about 18 months ago,i am still wearing a pair of...
  12. Mungoscorner

    Camden Market,Tube,Bus,Car ?

    Eldest daughter has been working her socks off recently.Her end of term school report was very very good,she's done well in a couple of mock exams,has been working part time every saturday and sunday,and has spent most of her Christmas break revising.So i've decided to treat her with a shopping...
  13. Mungoscorner

    Disgraceful Scenes At The Etihad

    An absolutely great game of football,but ruined by scum in the crowd. Man City should be made to play behind closed doors after the behaviour of some of there supporters today. Ferdinand could have been blinded at the end,and Rooney was spat at and bombarded with thrown coins whilst trying to...
  14. Mungoscorner

    Winter Greens Fees.

    Does your club reduce green fee's during winter ? My home course is still closed (3 weeks now !!) due to waterlogging.A mate invited me to play at his club,which is a nice track in summer,but obviously not at its best during the colder months.He explained that the main tee's were closed,and that...
  15. Mungoscorner

    Desperate Golfers

    How far would you go in order to find a course that wasn't closed due to flooding ? My home course has been under water for nearly a week now,and probably under for another week after last nights rain.Yesterday a friend of mine asked if i'd like to join him for a round at his home course...
  16. Mungoscorner

    Rangers Chapter 2

    Well well well. :D
  17. Mungoscorner

    Hickory Golf

    I've been reading and watching a bit about hickory golf,and i'm seriously considering giving it a go (at least i can blame the equipment when i play badly :D ) Has anybody else tried it,or maybe thought about trying it ? What about a GM Hickory Club meet/competition ?
  18. Mungoscorner

    Stones In Bunkers

    Having just spent the best part of half an hour,with a hammer and file trying to dress the sole and leading edge of my sand wedge due to stone damage,i'm wondering if........ A) My home course (and several others i've been a member of) have the worst bunkers in the country ? B) I'm very...
  19. Mungoscorner

    Jose Manuel Lara (15 clubs)

    Apologies if this has already been posted,but thought i'd put the link up just in case.