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  1. Colonel Bogey

    National Course Ratings

    Have all courses been assessed? My reason for asking is that I was just trying to look up Malkins Bank, a course in Sandbach, and cannot find it in the search for course ratings. Or for that matter, it's other courses in the group Ellesmere Port and Queens Park (Crewe).
  2. Colonel Bogey

    Ladies Clubs

    Is there really any need for them the be made differently?
  3. Colonel Bogey far

    So......I got a bit of tree bark in my eye on Tuesday. I thought I'd got it out....but no. By Wednesday I was basically blind and in agony. A&E at 7.30am. Eye aenesthetised and cream applied. Walked home with wife. Phew! Thursday screaming in pain back to A+E 8am, begging for aenesth...sod it...
  4. Colonel Bogey

    Result Of The Season

    Start of December we decided to bite the bullet and get Virgin TV back in again, Freeview was crap and after some negotiation between me and Virgin overseas we were to have the middle size Tv and BB up to 108mb. BUT. They needed to speak to the "Account Holder" which is the wife, don't ask... So...
  5. Colonel Bogey

    "New" Driver

    Well I've had my Adam Superspeed a while now and I love it but I was once told by a Pro that golfers should try and keep up with current tech on drivers (leave irons, they are just lumps of metal) so I'm on the hunt. I used to have a Cobra liked that, Cleveland liked that then the Adams. I'm...
  6. Colonel Bogey

    Are There Any Accountants On Here?

    I have a question.
  7. Colonel Bogey

    Employment Question

    Does a verbal instruction, rather than a written one, have as much weight? If your boss has given you a verbal instruction, but you have no proof of it, can you say that you were just following their instructions, even if they, your boss, were to deny them?
  8. Colonel Bogey

    Baton Down The Hatches

    This week I've seen thousands of geese flying over. I must be on the flight path. If they're off, then winter can't be far behind.
  9. Colonel Bogey

    Winter Golf Hat

    I'm looking for a new hat that will stay on my head and not move (ride up) that will cover my ears and keep my head warm without causing my head to sweat like I've been out in the tropical jungle. Can anyone suggest one please.
  10. Colonel Bogey

    The Players Entrance

    Yesterday I was wandering around Stockport and stumbled on this. They have electronic dart boards, full size F1 car and video game to drive round Silverstone and other things, but the one thing that I stood and watched was an indoor cricket thing. A video of a bowler starts at one end and as he...
  11. Colonel Bogey

    Was I Illegal?????

    Whilst on holiday, we travelled from Hungary to Italy. At customs there was a sign showing exit for Shengen members. BIG WIDE OPEN EXIT. Seeing as we needed to catch a bus and time was at a premium, I marched the wife though it. No checks no nothing. What a waste of time this all is. Thing is...
  12. Colonel Bogey

    Radio 4 Today

    I've just switched this off. What bluddy disgrace the presenter is. I'll never listen to this biased carp again.
  13. Colonel Bogey

    The SNIP

    If they are sooooo wonderful and everyone likes their policies soooooo much, well the Remain one anyway, why don't they put up (or shut up) in the whole of the UK? Then the poison dwarf could then rule over us all and the Remainers would have a real party that has always wanted to Remain to vote...
  14. Colonel Bogey


    So I popped up to a course on Friday to discuss joining. I spoke to a very nice bloke regarding my, what could have been thought of as unreasonable at another place, requests regarding comps. But the bloke explained that my requests were not a problem in the slightest. As for their comps, they...
  15. Colonel Bogey

    Richest Football Clubs

    Richest Football Clubs No real surprises in top 5 but Everton 17th, Newcastle 19th and West Ham 20th????
  16. Colonel Bogey

    Replacing Shoe Grips

    I've got some Nike golf shoes that appear to want to carry on into their second year but need the things on the soles changing. Can I get the blooming things out?????? WD40 has been sprayed everywhere, kitchen floor is a tad slippy, but the studs will not move. Any solutions out there?
  17. Colonel Bogey

    Anyone had this before Apartment showing as available. Go though all the booking procedure and right at the death get bounced to say that payment cannot be made try another card. I've tried all my cards and different browser AND called direct who were useless...."contact your bank"...
  18. Colonel Bogey

    Illegal Drivers

    Are they still illegal? I was thinking of getting a certain one, due to it having a flat base for off the fairway. Surely not illegal anymore as technology has moved of and they are not as good (theoretically) as current drivers.
  19. Colonel Bogey

    Putting With The Flag In

    I tried this yesterday. It's a bit weird at first but I think it helps. Why? Well I think it's because you can take aim, on flat putts, at a marker that is in the centre of the hole. Meaning that you are concentrating on a smaller target and if you miss it, by a little bit, plop into the hole...
  20. Colonel Bogey


    Just joined. Looks a lively place. Been playing a while off 13 currently. Looking forward to joining in.