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    Random Irritations

    I lurked on here for years before signing up it's definitely gone downhill. Just constant bickering now which is why I don't sign in very often. Agree with the comment about arranging games, I wouldn't put an offer out there with some of the bellends on here now.
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    Could This be the End of Rugby

    I understand and respect people seeking compensation now because the dangers weren't known when they started playing the game. However if people want to carry on playing then they sign a disclaimer that they do so at their own risk. If not, we end up taking away all forms of enjoyment and life...
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    Flag in....

    Yep, it's the other guy's choice to have it tended or not. Doesn't matter if you agree or disagree, put yourself in the other person's shoes. Would you like it if he did it to you?
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    Best Gross Prize in Stableford!!

    Of course it can be done, Wallasey runs a scratch stableford event every year.
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    LIV Golf

    I've not read all the thread so this may have already been asked but what happens when more than 48 guys want to play?
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    What's not included?

    No I'm not but I have been on the committee and reviewed the accounts. How do you know so much about my clubs' accounts?
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    What's not included?

    No it's not, it is pointless and time consuming to breakdown to the Nth degree. It's a bit like £6.75 on biros and £3.25 on pencils rather than £10 on stationary. We don't do it, there is just 1 line each for competition income and expenditure.
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    What's not included?

    I have never seen these itemised out in our club accounts. There may be a general entry for 'competitions ' or such like but certainly not separate entries for trophies, honours boards etc.
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    What's not included?

    Can you explain the logistics and costs involved in breaking out all those items into separate expense costs? Sounds like a lot of time and effort for minimal return. I'm a member at a private club, whatever monies the club takes in gets reinvested for the benefit of all members.
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    How long does it take you roughly to get round your track

    Not really, I've taken 4 hours to get round long courses and 4.5 hours to get round short ones
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    How long does it take you roughly to get round your track

    Pointless question really depends entirely on the slowest group in front of you.
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    Catching someone ‘cheating’ during a round

    Fair play hitting it 310 in winter, you have a big future in this game
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    Dundonald links 10/100

    You can submit the card above assuming you holed out on every hole and no mulligans etc.
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    Things That Gladden The Heart

    No, the team captain is a bellend and didn't have the decency to ask me. He got the other team members to ask me to play.
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    Things That Gladden The Heart

    Finding a legitimate excuse to not play in a scratch team match :)
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    First car to learn in - Fiat 500?

    Fix It Again Tomorrow
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    Tennis Player Goes Mental

    Blimey you can't say anything on this forum.
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    Golf Random Irritations

    I've been a member of a club that didn't use a booking system. Never a problem getting on the course, everyone gets to know the busy/quiet times and who tends to play when. Even at the weekend the longest I had to wait would be about 30 mins and we would just have a coffee in the clubhouse first.
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    Golf Insurance

    Depends what you want really. I'm mainly interested in theft cover so best option was to add my clubs to the house insurance.
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    Intensive golf lessons

    Keep us posted! Maybe start a blog?