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  1. Mattyboy

    Golf holiday company recommendation

    Hi, Join the 'Golf in Turkey' Facebook group. Use either Bilyana or Deniz Gurlersan. We use Bilyana who are fine but Deniz on that group seems excellent.
  2. Mattyboy

    Ping Eye 2 - Pat Pending, Upside Down Text.

    Looks like the V Groove model to me? See the link below.
  3. Mattyboy

    Wtd - odyssey white hot 2 ball centre shaft

    I have one - Its Tour Issue with tour fill and factory lines. Has a Superstroke slim 3.0 grip on it. Let me know if you are interested and I will post some pics.
  4. Mattyboy

    American Golf- are they safe?

    Bazza, Was that Purley or Long Lane? I popped into Long Lane when the original concerns were around to off load my vouchers. Not allot there so came out with gloves and Pro Vs......
  5. Mattyboy

    Can anyone recommend a chainsaw please?

    Many thanks - without doubt its the most sensible way. I will update with progress but it will take me quite a few months to complete.
  6. Mattyboy

    Can anyone recommend a chainsaw please?

    Thanks all, On the wise advice posted I have purchased a non powered saw. Best wishes
  7. Mattyboy

    Can anyone recommend a chainsaw please?

    Thank you all. I am doing this myself as its actually the neighbours hedge (which our old neighbours neglected) so I don't want to pay £1,000 for something that they should - but they have just had their second child and I guess they have better things to spend their money on. Also, this wont...
  8. Mattyboy

    Can anyone recommend a chainsaw please?

    Many thanks. Various bushes such as hawthorn (nasty stuff) holly, sycamore and Poplar. Most is fairly do able with shears, hand cutters and a trimmer but I will have to cut through up to 6 inch diameter trunks. The height is about 15 feet but it thins out allot beyond 10 feet. So I will have...
  9. Mattyboy

    Can anyone recommend a chainsaw please?

    Between my neighbour and myself we have a hedge around 120 feet long and 3 feet wide which needs tidying up. I want to take 6 feet off of the top and quotes are coming in at £1,000 +. We are on the north side and down a hill so I want to take allot off to get more sunlight in the garden. As I...
  10. Mattyboy

    Your Favourite Golf Swing...

    Tom Purtzer - Voted best swing on tour (and the worst putting stroke)........
  11. Mattyboy

    British Masters

    Was there all day today. Make sure you have clothing for all seasons. It was very windy and cold at times today. Balls were starting to move on greens and I wondered if they would halt play at times. We spent some time behind the 16th green.You can then see them play all of 17 as its a par 3 as...
  12. Mattyboy

    British Masters

    It's on the pricey side; Cheeseburger £8 couple of beers £11.50 Bottle of coke (500 ml) £3.20 I imagine the rent they pay is high...... If you like G&T there is a bar by the 16th green and to drum up business (it was baltic today) they were giving out free shots....yummy!
  13. Mattyboy

    golf distance debate - your opinions wanted!

    Done - Bring back persimmon!
  14. Mattyboy

    Bending Lofts Strong

    I did this to reduce the spin rate. I reckon for every 1 degree off it takes about 250 off the spin. I use Ping I Blades and Ping have a 'power spec' on their website for these where the lofts can be bent to and still retain playabilty. Its taking up to 2 degrees off each iron. Worked very well...
  15. Mattyboy

    Driving iron - Utility Club

    Got my Ping Eye 2+ 1 iron in the bag. Dug it out of the shed a few months ago and its going very well indeed. Such a bullet low flight and so straight I love it.....And available on the bay for little over £15 too these days......
  16. Mattyboy

    Putting Coach - South East

    Can anyone recommend a putting coach in Surrey / Kent / Sussex that has SAM? I have had enough! Many thanks
  17. Mattyboy

    US Open Qual; Walton Heath tomorrrow

    Looking forward to going along tomorrow. Anyone else going? IMO it's the best days golf watching of the year. The draw can be found here;
  18. Mattyboy

    After a Ping Rapture Driving iron

    Firstly, seasons greetings to you all. Are Direct Golf still trading - anyone know - Their website suggests they are and DG Tunbridge Wells is open. Or would American Golf price match DG. I used to use a Ping Eye 2 1 iron and loved it - but it had box grooves....I know exactly what I want -...
  19. Mattyboy


    Driving around the M25 this week, I saw a traffic sign which said 'Sign not in use'. Well that's nice to know, I thought. Anyone else seen any signs that seem pointless?
  20. Mattyboy

    59s at the Shriners?

    Seems to be happening more often than not these days but both Byrd and Tringale are -7 thru 11. 4 more required in the last 7. As they started on different halves, their better ball stands at 58 and can only go down. Not bad.......... :whistle: