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    Hyundai Ioniq Electric - will golf clubs fit?

    My company is currently offering a great lease deal on the Hyundia Ioniq Electric, but none of the local dealers have one for me to see if my clubs will fit in the boot without folding the seats down. They'll fit in a standard Hybrid Ioniq but the fully electric model has a smaller boot. Anyone...
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    Tonight's football

    So which is worse - the appalling state of the Wembley pitch or Man City's away kit? Both are a complete eyesore.
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    What's in a name?

    I was in my local DG store yesterday and they had 2 waterproof cart bags side by side - a Taylormade 4.0 Pro and a Dunlop Storm. They were clearly the same bag, most of the fixtures and fittings were identical, just the layout of the pockets on the front was a bit different. The main...
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    Problems logging in

    Very strange problem. Last week I was unable to log into my account, it gave me 5 attempts then timed out for 15 minutes. I was pretty sure I was using the right password. So I followed the link to have it reset and the e-mail didn't arrive. Kept trying this every day but nothing. Tonight...
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    Baftas death list

    Just watched last night's Baftas on catch-up TV and was a bit puzzled why the BBC didn't include Alan Rickman or David Bowie on this year's death list. There are probably plenty of others who didn't get a mention but these two immediately sprang to mind. Just wondering what criteria they use...
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    Following on from the "BBC losing the Open" and "Rory not winning Sports Personality of the Year" threads - did anyone see tonight's episode of the quiz show "Pointless" ? Contestants were asked to name the most obscure golfer they could from the top 100 in the world rankings as of January 2014...
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    North Worcestershire Golf Club - RIP?

    It looks likely that the club I joined 2 years ago, North Worcestershire, is going to be sold for housing, the shareholding members have voted to allow the committee to enter into negotiations with a local house builder. The club is really struggling financially - membership has fallen partly...
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    Anybody want some magazines?

    Due to a bedroom re-decoration I have to get rid of about 50 golf mags (some Golf Monthly but mostly the other mag!) dating from 2010 to this year with gaps. Anybody want them (no charge) and can collect from the South Birmingham area? I can't post them because of the weight. If anyone's...
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    West Midlands meet?

    Anyone fancy meeting up for an informal game in the West Midlands area? Myself, Budaah, Callawayne & Glynntaylor enjoyed a game at the Chase back in June - any of you guys want to meet up again? Anyone else interested or have any suggestions for venues/dates?
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    Rory has some way to go yet..

    On tonight's edition of Pointless - 100 people were given 100 seconds to identify 5 well known golfers. 74 recognised Tiger, but only 21 knew Rory. Luke was down into single figures, behind Big Phil and Ernie.
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    Wilson Staff DX3 bargain

    Just bought some Wilson Staff DX3 balls for £9.99 a dozen at AG , same price as the DX2. A 3 piece ball for less than a tenner a dozen.
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    Tour pros are underpaid

    Commentator on Sky has just stated that Brian Davies has earned $6 million in as many years - that's only a dollar a year!
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    Hybrid lofts

    I'm looking to replace a couple of hybrids in my bag but I'm confused by the lofts. My irons start at 28 degree 5i, so I'm looking for a 4H and 3H. Some manufacturers offer 24 degrees and 21 degrees for these, but others, such as Wilson go for 21 and 18 degrees. My question is :- will a 4H from...