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    Ping G425 SFT Driver

    Anyone got one or the regular reversion? Any thoughts?!
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    £1 Golf Membership

    Hi all, A few months ago someone posted a link to a GC near Bath who offered membership for £1, obviously you had to pay green fees etc but it would enable people to have a handicap. Does anyone know what the club was? Thanks.
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    Scottsdale Golf

    Hi all, Apologies in advance for the lengthy post. I appreciate that Scottsdale has a very good reputation and solid following so accept I may get some stick! However, I haven’t exactly been overwhelmed with their service so far, reading TrustPilot also has some ‘mixed’ reviews. I ordered...
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    WHS Venues Away From Home Club

    Hi all, I am a member at a difficult course but it is a considerable distance away from my home. I will often play other ‘easier’ courses that are local to me as my friends are members there. Can I submit a general play score at a course away from my home one? I believe Open comps are...
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    Cobra King Utility

    Anyone use one? Any thoughts etc? Looking to get a one length version 2-iron.
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    SIM Driver

    Anyone currently gaming one? Any thoughts? YouTube reviews look brilliant but couldn't find much on the forum from handicap golfers?
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    West Coast Golf Trip

    Hi all, Been very busy the last few weeks but thought I'd finally get round to writing up our review of our west coast golf trip we took earlier this summer. We initially planned to play the following in Scotland: Pitlochry, Royal Dornoch, Cullen, Cruden Bay and Carnoustie, sadly due to the...
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    Ping G400 Driver Cracked Hosel

    Hi all, Went to adjust the loft on my Ping driver for the first time yesterday and noticed that the hosel area has a hairline crack on it. Just wondering if anyone else has had an issue similar to this? Will this be covered under some kind of warranty through Ping? Thanks.
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    Lancashire Golf Trip

    Afternoon all, Unfortunately our Scottish golf trip at the end of this month has been cancelled! We are looking at playing around the Southport/Blackpool area instead. Hoping to play 7 rounds over the 4 days with one of the rounds being at an Open venue or more prestigious courses, ideally...
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    Scotland Golf Trip

    Hello, Myself and a few friends have organised a golf trip from the NE of England to the east coast of Scotland in the last week of July. Although tight we are hoping that it will go ahead! I was wondering if anyone had played the courses, I appreciate there's a lot of information online but...
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    SIM Max D Type Fairway

    Hello, Does anyone use the above? If so what’s your thoughts on it? How much draw bias is built into it? Would you recommend it? Thanks.
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    Wanted - Ping HZRDUS Yellow Driver Shaft

    Hi all, Looking for the above to fit a G400, stiff flex please, anyone have one for sale or know where I could locate one? Google seems to only throw up the odd one on eBay or American sites! Thanks.
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    Ping G400 SFT

    Hi all, I am struggling with around 1 in every 10 of my drives really leaking to the right as I don't match up the face, path is consistent in to out but just can't seem to match it up every time. Been looking at the above driver to help me, what are peoples thoughts on this?! Below are my...