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  1. iku

    Man of honour... playing out of turn..

    4th hole near Wycombe yesterday. Par for me, 5, 6 and 6 for the other three guys. The guy who scored the 5 heads first for the 5th tee. I had never played with him before so decided not to say anything but when he's already on the tee the guy says "Anyone beating a 5?"... "I had a 4 actually"...
  2. iku

    My shot of the year.

    Par 5, 510 yds. Perfect drive around 290yds. Sliced 3 wood taking me on the right of the green 3ft behid a 6'5" tall thick hedge (no way to go through it). I should have chipped 10 yards back into the fairway and then chipped again on the green. I decided to try the lob even if it had to be...
  3. iku

    Horrible swing, yet low handicap.

    I've been playing for almost two years now and since I started I must have taken at least 30 lessons. As a result I managed to go down from 22 to 12 but playing once a week now I don't seem able to go any lower. Probably because of the lesson my swing looks ok, I had it filmed, analyzed, shown...
  4. iku

    Practice net. Any horror story?

    I'm seriously considering buying a practice net for my garden. I live in a terraced house in Richmond and have other properties all around me. So ANY ball missing the net or going through it would definitely hit someone elses house, car, kids... I've been looking on the internet and have seen...
  5. iku

    RBZ Review

    I played my first round with the new driver last Sunday after having hit about 40 balls at the range the previous Friday evening. The club is the 9.5* with the Ozik stiff shaft. I play off 12. I hit 12 fairways, 1 second cut and one ladies tee trying to drive the 310yds temporary green at the...
  6. iku

    Why do most of the movies on Sky start at 8pm??

    Honestly who can possibly be sitting in front of the telly at that time these days? 9pm would be much better.
  7. iku

    I broke my driver!

    I guess it just couldn't cope with my incredible swing speed... Now for real, it was in the bag, the bag fell and the shaft snapped like a breadstick. And I still had 5 holes to play. At least I've seen that sports direct sell the RBZ at £189...
  8. iku

    Will the belly putter become the standard?

    I was having a look at statistics last night and in the last 2 years the belly putter went up 500% in the PGA and more than 300% in the European tour. McIlroy was interviewed yesterday and said he's currently practicing with one to see if it can get in his bag.
  9. iku

    What happened to the 300yds challenge?!?

    Has Steve won and everyone went quiet?
  10. iku

    Not branded bag

    Hi All, I want to change my bag. At the moment I have a TM burner one that I got new for £40 at american golf but it feels very cheap, clubs get stuck, I pull one out and another follows it, the spacers are worn out after less than one year. I'm not a brand fanatic even if most bats in my bags...
  11. iku

    Now that's a bunker!

    Just tweeted by Luke Donald
  12. iku

    Do you sell your old clubs or stockpile them in the loft?

    In nearly two years of golf I have already a full second set from putter to driver hidden under the stairs... My excuse with the missus is that one day someone coming from very far will forget his gear at home and at that point my "spares" will come into the equation saving time and money to the...
  13. iku

    Winter Rules - Preferred Lie

    I played with this guy last Sunday and each time he was allowed to pick a preferred lie he was going for anything that could possibly make a kind of natural tee. One time I'm sure he placed his ball at least 1" high on some kind of earthworm mound... and hit his 4i 200 yds... Is that allowed?
  14. iku

    Going to Wentworth for the Championship

    I was thinking of going to Wentworth this year to watch some good players. Do you know what you get for the £30 ticket? Are you forced to pick your spot on one hole and stay there all day or can you move around following the player you want?
  15. iku

    Personal worst

    17 points yesterday (10 on the front 9 and 7 on the back 9). I looked like a total... I bet very few people have beaten that. Maybe 12 is not my real hc...
  16. iku

    Best club to practice a draw/fade.

    Is there a preferred club to learn how to draw with? I only just started to shape my shot in a vaguely acceptable way and I really want to work on it at the range. Is it better to become good at it with one club and then try to move to another one or vary the clubs during practice?
  17. iku

    Free free rounds of golf

    Hi chaps, I have a few vouchers that I got with my insurance that I'm happy to give away as I can't see myself playing the selected courses. These are for Marriott and DeVere courses, whatever they are. Note that according to the t&c you have to be insured with the same insurer to use the...
  18. iku

    Playing from the temporary greens makes it easier to me.

    I've played three rounds from temporary mats in the past month and shot much better than my hc going down to 12.4 from 14.1 at the end of November. I guess every course is different but where I play I think the temporary mats make some holes much much easier. The par 3s for example are way...
  19. iku

    3 wood off the fairway

    I just can't hit my 3 wood off the fairways and I feel like I'm missing out a lot. With a 1/2" tee I can hit it past 200 yds easily but if the ball is sitting on the ground I rarely reach 100yds and most of the times I hit it way fat. Any tip or drill to improve? Is it worth practicing on the...
  20. iku

    How much your year of golf costs?

    So at the end of my first solar year of golf I'm trying to understand how much this wonderful game costed me in the last 12 months. Considering clubs, BALLS, lessons, membership, magazines, insurance, green fees, petrol to go to the courses, driving range balls, clothes, shoes, etc I think I'm...