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    Which golf course to join in Cardiff?

    Just after some advice - I have recently moved to Cardiff around the Whitchurch area and I was wondering what the golf courses are like in the area? There are three which I would seriously consider joining: Whitchurch Radyr Cardiff Golf Club They are all similar in membership fee and are all...
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    Anyone noticed a significant improvement following the purchase of a new irons?

    Hi all, this is might sound like a daft question but I am wondering about the potential gains which are possible simply by changing your irons. Obviously if you believe the marketing and hype surrounding the launch of a new set of irons then game improvement is virtually a cast iron...
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    Handicap certificate for Sunningdale

    I am after some reassurance - I am due to play both courses at Sunningdale later this year. I am not a member of a club at present but have been for many years when I was back in Wales. I do not have a handicap certificate from a club as a result of not being a member anywhere. But I do have a...
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    Advice for a course in Surrey where visitors are accepted on the weekend

    Hi, i have recently moved to Surbiton and am looking for a good course to play with a work collegue nearby. I have checked out some of the better courses within or close to the M25 or A3 and all of the established courses are closed to visitors on the weekend. I have checked out TeeOffTimes...
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    Benefits of a new shaft?

    I am looking for some advice. I have never even considered the potential benefits of being fitted for a new shaft in my driver but having read this forum for a few months it seems something which many amateur golfers now consider and also gain benefit from. i play off 11, my driving is decent...
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    Assessing your yardages using GPS watch

    Hi, I am really keen to establish my "real" yardages. I have tried doing this at the range and it's not a true enough representation of the distances I hit on course - the balls are rubbish and you can't genuinely tell where they land plus you have to rely on the yardage markers being...