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    Bushnell igolf

    Thanks Spongebob. Disappointing that my 2 year old device can't be updated. Guess I'll need to get another GPS at some point - it won't be a Bushnell that's for sure.
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    Bushnell igolf

    Does this mean we can't get course updates for older Bushnell GPS devices any longer?
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    The Staffordshire GC

    North Worcestershire was member owned, whereas your club is owned by an individual.
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    Wordle 233 2/6 ⬜⬜🟩⬜⬜ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 Got lucky today.
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    Would you buy an electric car?

    Don't think so, I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere.
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    Mini drivers

    I have driver, mini and 5w. Off the tee I will use all 3 depending on how narrow the fairway is, but the 5w is significantly shorter than the mini. Off the fairway, I only use the 5w, but not very well.
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    Would you buy an electric car?

    Just bought an MG5 yesterday, to replace my Hyundai Ioniq lease car. Hopefully it will arrive before the Ioniq goes back. Love the Ioniq, but changing circumstances mean I need a bigger boot.
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    Mini drivers

    Same for me. Seems like the logical choice on short par 4s when you know you can reach the green with an iron on your second shot. More accurate than the driver and only about 20 yards or so shorter.
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    Would you buy an electric car?

    Not a chance! Love the electric car.
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    Would you buy an electric car?

    Seriously considering a MG5 as my next car, just trying to decide whether to buy outright, lease or PCP. I'm currently leasing a Ioniq Electric via works scheme. Fantastic car, but I need something with a bit more bootspace.
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    Ultrasonic cat deterrents

    Bought a couple last year after good reviews on Amazon. Totally useless.
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    Wine recommendation

    I generally go for a Malbec as my standard wine but will splash out for a Chateauneuf du Pape at Christmas.
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    Favourite curry

    My favourite is Chicken Tarka. Similar to Chicken Tikka but a little otter.
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    What is your best/worst tour pro mannerism?

    I often find myself shouting "fore" and pointing in the direction the ball is going, as if people were there watching!
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    Courses in the UK you would not recommend

    Played Ravenmeadow last week, pleasantly surprised at how decent it was for the price.
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    Nerve tests

    I had a nerve conduction test on various parts of my body last year. Slightly uncomfortable when they crank the power up, feels like your muscles are twitching. Nothing to worry about.
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    South Birmingham golf resorts

    As previously mentioned, the only one on the south side with a hotel that springs to mind is the Abbey Hotel course. Not a bad course reasonably priced. If I think of any others I'll let you know. Edgbaston is closest to the city centre, but expensive. Harborne is good but not walking distance...
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    Would you buy an electric car?

    Can you get your clubs in the boot ok? I have an Ioniq electric and can get the bag and trolly in at a push, but usually just fold the seats down. Looked into the back of a Kona and it looked a bit smaller?
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    Bowed left wrist for right handed golfer

    I tried bowing my left wrist for a few holes tonight (not sure if it was bowing or flattening as Bob suggests). It felt weird, but my drives went straight and long, even a slight draw, compared to my usual push/slice. Couldn't replicate it with my irons though, they were hooking to the left...
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    Cara Banks

    She used to be Cara Robinson and presented Golfing World on Sky about 10 years ago before moving to America.