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    Best Course You Have Played This Year

    Cradoc for me. Had the course recommended to me a few times over the last few years and finally played there in August. Really enjoyed - a lovely area to play golf in
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    See I quite like it for that very reason. Find a few other YouTubers a bit over the top trying to be funny or a personality. He's a distinctly average golfer (and person I assume) which makes it relateable to me. Does make me laugh without fail when he rolls out the "missed by a hair's breadth"...
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    Golf Bag (Small Compact Pencil Options)

    The TM Quiver bag is included in the Amazon Prime sale currently on
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    I bought today.....

    A few bits in the Under Armour sale - a storm cap and a new towel
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    Golf near Benidorm

    A group of us (all mid/high handicappers) played both courses at Villaitana about 2015. Enjoyed both and felt they were reasonable value for what we paid but cant say they blew me away either. The Poniente (sp) was a shorter course with a mixture of par 3s and par4s. 15 minute or so taxi ride...
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    The Cricket Thread

    Totally agree - very poor form in my book
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    Presidents Cup

    Can't say I've watched a President's Cup before but enjoying this despite the US dominating the score. US putting far superior. Im has been very good from what I've seen - was expecting Corey Conners to be a big contributor for the International team but he's looked below par. US pairings seem...
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    The Cricket Thread

    Awful ending to the women's ODI today. Would rather lose a game than resort to that
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    GPS (which one)

    I bought a Garmin G12 earlier this year and feel its helped my game. Front, middle and back distances (it does provide distances to hazards and layups etc but I haven't really used those). Easy to carry, battery seems to last a few rounds and it has found every course I have used it on so far. I...
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    Getting the itch for new clubs - what's the best approach?

    If you are adamant upgrading your clubs will make a difference Callaway Preowned is worth a look
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    Best Ever Holiday?

    Far from well travelled but loved Cape Town and some of the surrounding area when a few of us went in early 2020. Some wonderful sights
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    Breaking 80 (@people who have done it)

    Nothing to add personally on this as it is a pipedream for me but Adam Scott was asked this in a brief article on a few days ago. Not sure if copying the article in here is allowed but he felt short game was the easiest way as most amateur golfers wouldn't have the time or knowledge to...
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    YT not a perfect golfer

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    YT not a perfect golfer

    He's clearly working on his game. His driving distances are being significantly helped by the conditions surely as he provides the total distance travelled including rollout. I quite enjoy his videos
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    Tour de France

    That was so good. Fair play to Jumbo Visma and Roglic for kicking all that off. Tomorrow will surely be carnage after that!
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    Tour de France

    Incredible racing
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    Tour de France

    Another of the UAE team out with Covid. Bennett could be a big loss for Pogacar
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    Tour de France

    Agree with most most of that -still think he will need his team to control the high mountain stages to an extent. Majka was excellent in setting a tempo to discourage any attacks on La Plance des Belles Filles but a few of the others have appeared to be struggling (Hirschi as expected given he...
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    Tour de France

    Pogacar simply a cut above everyone else. Covid aside the only chink in the armour appears to be other teams trying to isolate him as his team isn't the most experienced in controlling a big race but even that has looked pointless. Ineos simply spread too thinly to challenge properly for me...
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    Peter Finch making the jump to TV - just seen him on Sky's early coverage this week. I can't get into this videos - something irks me about the way he speaks