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  1. chris661

    Problems viewing on phone.

    Anybody else have any problems with viewing on a phone specifically an android. I get problems with the new posts page when it loads and was wondering if it was affecting anyone else. Edit: Not just the phone :( seems to be issues on the laptop as well :confused:
  2. chris661


    The thread has been moved. Feel free to discuss the sales or whatever but please keep it strictly to that if you have a particular problem it is best to keep that off the forum and deal with the company. Thanks.
  3. chris661


    Happy (belated) Birthday. Happy now :rolleyes: ;)
  4. chris661

    PC components - where to buy?

    Toying with the idea of building a PC and I am looking for recommendations on where to buy the bits. Anybody got any recommendations?
  5. chris661

    Laptop rucksack

    I am thinking about getting one of these and was wondering if anyone uses or can recommend one. Ta muchly
  6. chris661

    The G1BBO thread.

    Has been shifted. If anyone has a problem email Mike.
  7. chris661

    Lough Erne 07/06/13

    A few pictures that I took today at Lough Erne. A fantastic course and one of the best I have played.
  8. chris661

    Lough Erne today

    So I am on the road early to lough erne today. Not been looking forward to a game this much for a while, heard nothing but good reports about the place and with the sun splitting the rocks and a forecast for 24 at least the weather will be good :cool:
  9. chris661

    another trumpet blowing

    After shooting a net 69 off 10 yesterday I am now down to 9.3 :whoo: Need to reassess my season goal now :D
  10. chris661

    Donegal golf club

    There is a bit of an open week coming up at the above and was wondering if any of the local (-ish) folks fancied coming down to it. Dates are 12th to 15th June with the Thurs 13th a 4BBB and Sat 15th a stroke other two are stableford. Smange let me know what day you are allowed out ;)...
  11. chris661

    Cheers smange!

    Again it was a thoroughly enjoyable day at your place with palindromic_bob (terry ;) ) and yer man :) . Course was in great shape as usual which helped with the score although the 16th was tricky enough :whistle: ;) ;)
  12. chris661

    Trolley Woes.

    After 5 years my charger for my battery has just died :( Anyone know of the best (cheapest ;) ) place to get a replacement battery and charger or a website that has the clic gear trolley at the best price instead, thinking of changing anyway. Ta muchly in advance
  13. chris661

    Titleist 710MB irons

    As above I am sticking these on here as I am being "persuaded" to create a bit of room. That and to try and fund a new 3 wood :whistle: ;) My set of 710 MB 3-PW fitted with Project x 5.0 shafts and multi-compound whiteout grips which have only done about 25 rounds at most. The shafts are 1/2"...
  14. chris661

    A few pictures from Donegal Golf Club

    Just a few pictures I took this morning whilst standing on the tee waiting. View from the 6th tee out over the beach to the water. From the 6th tee down to the 5th green Down the 6th hole a par 5 of 469m
  15. chris661

    A tale of two halves

    Well today was exactly that went out in level par and collapsed on the back nine to limp home with 36 points :angry: :angry: Ah well always next week :mad: or will I keep my handicap high for Ballyliffin ;)
  16. chris661

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear!

    Imagine organising a trip out to one of the country's top 20 courses with a couple of mates from the forum then sending a tweet out informing two of them that the course and weather is looking great 45 minutes before the tee time only to be at the wrong course :rofl: :rofl: I will save his...
  17. chris661

    Zippo deluxe hand warmer

    After playing and moaning about my hands being cold I was given one of these for Christmas. After getting it out the box and having a look at it I must admit to being a bit sceptical of putting a match to a container of lighter fluid in my pocket :mad: After using it a couple of times now though...
  18. chris661

    Finally, they have arrived

    Well after a bit of deliberation and finally ordering them my new irons arrived on Thursday. Had them out today and had a swish cracking feeling from them. 3-6 are the rs5 head and 7-PW are rs3 head 6 iron 8 iron Alex from orka was a pleasure to deal with and I would say they make some of...
  19. chris661

    Irish top 100

    Just seen this list this morning. Might be of interest if anybody is coming over. My place has managed to get upto 25th hopefully soon it will break the top 20. (Shamelessly lifted from Kevin Markham's blog)
  20. chris661

    locking lurkers thread

    I have moved it away as it really has run its course. Hopefully now everybody can move on. I have locked this so it doesn't end up going the same way.