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  1. Colonel Bogey

    Random Irritations

    I watched this last night on TV and the two people that were interviewed weren't British. How many marching were? This is London don't forget.
  2. Colonel Bogey

    National Course Ratings

  3. Colonel Bogey

    National Course Ratings

    Have all courses been assessed? My reason for asking is that I was just trying to look up Malkins Bank, a course in Sandbach, and cannot find it in the search for course ratings. Or for that matter, it's other courses in the group Ellesmere Port and Queens Park (Crewe).
  4. Colonel Bogey

    NW Links membership

    I played it in perfect conditions two years ago. I was awful. :rolleyes:
  5. Colonel Bogey

    Football and covid

    There's a rumour about a party in London over Xmas involving some Premiership players. 11 ending up with covid. Allegedly. Just passing on info received.
  6. Colonel Bogey

    Random Irritations

    In the best car. Would he win in the worst? I'd watch that. Otherwise, don't care. I'll never get one, don't deserve one either.
  7. Colonel Bogey

    Tier 4 - that's golf out for a while!

    I'm afraid some on here are on here to argue over anything they can find to argue over. Sad really.
  8. Colonel Bogey

    If you're looking to play in Open competitions....

    I play in a few of these each year, never expecting to win, just playing to get a chance to play some courses at a reduced fee. One I was looking at for next year is already full, as are a few others I've checked out! Unbelievable Jeff.
  9. Colonel Bogey

    Christmas song and singer

    As much as I love Queen, it's gotta be Shaky !
  10. Colonel Bogey

    Christmas Preparations

    Watching Vicar Of Dibley, xmas one. Wife laughing. Food all ready for tomorrow.
  11. Colonel Bogey

    Christmas Preparations

    Really????? As you open the kitchen cuboards when you have the muchies and say "There's nothing to eat"
  12. Colonel Bogey

    Golf Random Irritations

    Cancelling yet another tee time due to weather. (Course is shut anyway).
  13. Colonel Bogey

    New driver?

    DON'T GUESS. Go to somewhere to try them. Indoor if possible with computer tracker stuff. That's what I did. Ended up with Callaway X speed senior shaft, set at +2 draw when they were dumping them. Hit everything straight for 6 months. If I'd have got this driver 20 years ago..........
  14. Colonel Bogey

    Wine With Turkey Dinner.

    Andy Carpenter's the only one I like. Then switch to Turner Road Chardonnay (the best), then Mcguigans Chardonnay, then whatever gets opened after that.
  15. Colonel Bogey


    Emily is THE best actress currently plying her trade in Hollywood at the moment........and stunning to watch as well. Phwoar!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Colonel Bogey


    Tom Hanks......A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood. Do not switch off after 20 mins. Stick with it. It's gonna stick in your mind forever.
  17. Colonel Bogey

    Tiger and Charlie Woods - what golfing genes have you had the benefit of from your parents?

    Parents? Nowt. One grandad was a keen golfer. The other a farmer. Maybe that's why I can turn a fairway into a plowed field. LOL
  18. Colonel Bogey

    Is this an especially wet Winter where you play?

    Dunno, but it rained so much one year as we played darts in the pub one night and the weather forecast bloke said there was to be "heavy rain" and me and a mate said in unison "not just rain.....heavy rain". Ahh them were the days.
  19. Colonel Bogey

    Coronavirus - how is it/has it affected you?

    Is anyone even slightly surprised that the South, the most densely populated part of the country, is now facing the lockdown that they should have been in months ago? The only reason they were not put into proper lockdown, is the fact they have more facilities down there to cope, ie more...
  20. Colonel Bogey

    Coronavirus - how is it/has it affected you?

    And no one complains about professional sport being allowed to continue, with all their hugging and kissing each other. Two faced. You'll all sit in your armchairs watching it on TV coz you've already forked out the readies for it, but won't condemn it. Just why is that? I'll never trust...