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  1. SGC001

    warning about unsafe website when logging in

    Is it my tablet or did I get a wrong website? It's only been letting me log in if I reply to a post witout the warning and warns me not to log off (unsafe website). Today 2nd time around and then warning present then. Not computer literate don't know what it means. Wny others had this issue...
  2. SGC001

    LF RH Taylormade mini sldr Tp driver in 12 and 16 degrees

    Wanted right hand Taylormade mini sldr tp driver in 12 degrees stiff or extra stiff shaft with torque under 3 degrees. Also looking for right hand Taylormade mini sldr tp driver in 16 degrees stiff or extra stiff shaft with torque below 3 degrees.
  3. SGC001

    Multiple clubs on 1 course

    Hi I gather this is more prevalent in either Ireland or Scotland than England and wondered what sort of things make this work or can lead to conflict. Anybody have any knowledge or experience of this they'd care to share. Thanks
  4. SGC001

    LF Ladies LH Driver, plenty of loft

    Looking for a second hand ladies left hand driver with plenty of loft, would consider a 15+ degree mens driver. Not overly bothered about shaft flex or anything like that.
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    We seem to have had a few public polls lately. I'm guessing the choice is the op's. Is this so? If you don't want to participate publically is it a case of tough or don't vote, or can you vote privately and if so how? If it is either tough or don't vote, should you be able to vote privately...
  6. SGC001

    Can you start again? It's a little more complicated than this, but does anyone know if someone could start again the wrong way round (whichever way that is) and get a handicap in this country (UK) and if so what if any kind of restrictions might apply.
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    Looking For Putter: Taylor Made Nubbins M4s

    Hi: Looking for a Taylor Made Nubbins M4s putter, not the M4.
  8. SGC001

    LF: Whisky recommendations

    Hi: Looking for recommendations for a gift, thinking Whisky. The person likes Cardhu which is a speyside malt, Laphroaig and Ardbeg which are peatier malts. Any ideas / suggestions? I'll probably shop online at the whisky exchange to make the purchase. Don't mid if it's something similar to...
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    Wanted: Cheap LH Ladies Half Set

    Looking for cheap, left hand ladies 5, 7, 9 iron maybe a 5 wood and SW or something similar.
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    Go Kart Manual Electric Trolley

    I bought one of these recently. I ordered it by phone from the website as my computer wouldn't allow my order to be submitted. The person I spoke to was helpful. Used it twice now, battery seems to cope fine and one of the courses I played is quite hilly and challenging for some batteries or...
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    Introduce yourself sticky thread

    Has the website ever considered whether a permanently stickied thread for people to introduce themselves would be of benefit / interest? If so would probably work better with existing members doing so first, maybe starting with a meet the mods group of posts?
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    Equipment Query II

    Any problems if you paint your putter including the whole face. Edit: i believe it would be a permanent / semi permanent job that was done.
  13. SGC001

    Equipment Query I Does this mean something like badminton grip wrap or tennis wrap could be applied to a putter grip? It seems to, but I'm unsure how to interpret some of the appendix Their...
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    LF: Titleist 909 F3 5 Wood

    Looking for Titleist 909 F3 5 wood, preferably with a steel shaft however, x-stiff graphite shafts considered. If price is right may consider other shafts, but would be looking to have it re-shafted.
  15. SGC001

    CONGU, does the system discourage golfers?

    Seen as I'm still struggling to get outta here, thought I'd ask a question. Does the handicapping system discourage people from playing more golf or even lead to them quitting? Is there a better system? Was the old ladies system more encouraging for golf? If you accept that with CONGU...
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    To the admin really, but anyone else can comment. How feasible would it be to have the ad's appearing only if you're not logged in, so the forum behaves more as it used to for layout for those logged in, using the forum for posts and pm's?
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    Q: Mixed competition blocks and competitions

    How does this work then, I'm not currently a playing member anywhere official. Is it a joint mixed competition? If so how do css calculations get done assuming ladies and gents have different sss's. Is it 2 seperate competitions run at the same time 1 for ladies and 1 for gents? Can you do...
  18. SGC001

    Stack and Tilt - positives / difficulties?

    I've just ordered the book. I was wondering if those that have tried it, have found any areas in the book particualry helpful and easy to incorporate and on the flip side any parts confusing or more difficult to do. So basically if you had the chance to quiz the authors, what parts would you...
  19. SGC001

    Garmin Approach G3 review

    It is a compact waterproof, touch screen golf GPS with preloaded courses which can be updated form the internet when mapped. Accuracy: My local course has yardage markers set with sky caddie, confirmed with a laser rangefinder. The measurements given with this device were comparable. Pros...
  20. SGC001

    Pay per shot

    It might be an incentive to improve if we were charged per shot. Would it sort handicap bandits out if golfers were charged on a different basis and were charged per shot? or maybe they could charge for time like a swimming pools as an incentive to play faster.