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  1. haplesshacker

    Moving to Scotland - advice please.

    Hi everyone. Yep I'm still alive!! :-) Hopefully by the end of the week I'll know if I'm moving to Scotland, well Glasgow to be more precise ish. I need some straight advice on areas to live as I don't have a clue. The office is west of Glasgow between Glasgow and Paisley just south of the...
  2. haplesshacker

    Undercover Boss USA Taylormade Golf

    Not sure if anyone has seen this already. The quote from the CEO near the start about there being less golfers and needing them to buy more kit they don't need was interesting. It's a shame that this has become less of a 'business' programme, and more about...
  3. haplesshacker

    The 'Dark Side' has it's benefits.

    Something I found on YouTube. The best way to 'improvemygolf'!! :-) (In joke, I'm afraid!!)
  4. haplesshacker

    Final round tactics. The Open.

    Not having ever played in a four day event, I wonder what the best tactics are for the leaders? Let's assume that the two leaders are joint leaders. And as usual they are the last to tee off. They have at least a shot lead over the next players, and are on reasonable form on the last day. Do...
  5. haplesshacker

    Any other 'musicians' out there?

    So apart from the golf and sailing, my other interest is guitars. Just wondered if there was anyone else on here with a musical 'bent'? Having recently bought an iMac, and since my divorce, have acquired an electric guitar which I haven't played for ten years. I'd thought I'd try to record...
  6. haplesshacker

    What in your opinion is the most USEFUL piece of golf equipment?

    Inspired by the 'other' thread. Apart from the blindingly obvious (clubs). What, in your opinion is the most USEFUL piece of golf equipment? I was going to say iron head covers. :whistle: But. I'll go with twin strap, lightweight carry bags.
  7. haplesshacker

    Classic marketing mistake.

    I just had to share this disastrous effort by the RSPCA. (picture) (No ads, etc. blah, blah, blah.):D
  8. haplesshacker

    Are 'professionally' written CV's worth it?

    Thinking of having my CV professionally done. Firstly is it worth it, and secondly, can anyone recommend someone? Cheers.
  9. haplesshacker

    BBQ time is here. But who gets the credit for the BBQ?

    This is circulating on Facebook and I thought it was funny! And dare I say. True! It is on the blog, but I'd thought I'd save you the hassle!! :cool: We are about to enter the BBQ season. Therefore it is important to refresh your memory on the etiquette of this sublime outdoor cooking activity...
  10. haplesshacker

    Guilty pleasures. What are yours?

    Homers reply in my other thread got me thinking. What are your 'guilty pleasures'? (If you dare!!:o)
  11. haplesshacker

    Top 5 bass lines. Of all time???

    I never could resist the 'Out Of Bounds' section!! :D As a bit of Bank Holiday silliness as I sit here with my face glowing like a 5 bar electric heater. I'd thought I'd have a go at the top 5 bass lines. Subjective of course. In no particular order. Chic - Good Times (As used by the...
  12. haplesshacker

    Brand snobbery, gear tart etc.

    As golfers we're almost certainly a bit brand snobby when it comes to our golf gear. However, does that also mean that we're a bit of a brand snob when it comes to other aspects of our lives? What else do you have a brand snobbery about? I've included a link below for my main write up...
  13. haplesshacker

    American Golf club fitting etc from a year or so ago, courtesy of GM.

    Some of the 'older' hacks on here might remember a promo that American Golf ran through the GM forum here a year or so ago. I was wondering how many that were fitted for clubs still have them in the bag? And if not. Why not? Personally. I got fitted for a putter which still remains in the bag...
  14. haplesshacker

    Online dating. Anyone trying or had a go?

    Just wondered if anyone has or is trying it. Thoughts?
  15. haplesshacker

    Tablet etiquette.

    What are the rules regarding the use of tablets? For example. Is it exceptable to read a book or newspaper on a tablet whilst the Mrs watches soaps? Is it acceptable to watch iplayer with headphones on whilst she watches soaps? Or play games, or do some work? The reason for asking is that I...
  16. haplesshacker


    Not that I've joined it officially. But used to smoke approx 10 a day, but with the help of the girlfriend and an electronic cigarette, I've been 'clean' for the month so far. Had a stinker of a cold for 10 days earlier in the month, I'm sure not helped by quitting. Still would kill for a fag...
  17. haplesshacker

    Turning up 10 minutes before your tee off time .......................

    ..............didn't seem to worry Rory too much. I can only wonder if he changed his shoes in the car park, didn't buy a bacon buttie at the clubhouse, and didn't spend any meaningful time on the practice green, if any. There's hope for us all yet. :-)
  18. haplesshacker

    Only from an American re Ryder Cup

    Lovely statement from the RC app twitter feed earlier today. "It's like the USA verses the rest of the world. That's hardly fair is it." A typically ignorant statement from your average redneck that thinks Central America is Kansas!!!!!!!
  19. haplesshacker

    Wanted Titleist 910 D2 with RIP 60 shaft

    As title says. I've put off getting one of these for a long time. But there's no getting away from the results that this baby gives me. Willing to buy new if anyone knows where I can find one at a good deal. Cheers.
  20. haplesshacker


    Nope. Not 'Dancing The Night Away' kinda stuff. Though what a great intro. But the four wheeled stuff. Criteria. Economical, not a fan of typical bland hatchbacks, well screwed together, safe (it is replacing a V70, so the kids when I have them have to be safe), doesn't need to be big, but I...