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  1. YamiKuriboh

    Tea/Coffee at work

    Our superior leaders have announced that they will no longer be providing tea bags, coffee and milk for us. We have a hot water tap and fridges. Curious what people do for tea/coffee at work? Any recommendations for decent coffee to take black as I doubt i'll remember to bring in milk everyday...
  2. YamiKuriboh

    Downswing initiation

    Does anyone have a good swing thought for how to initiate the downswing? I keep getting stuck at the top and feel like I’m throwing my hands over the top resulting in pulls left. I feel like my hands should be coming down closer to my body but I’m not clear how to make space for them –...
  3. YamiKuriboh

    The Apprentice 2019

    Starts tonight. Anyone planning on watching it? Just looking at the bios on the BBC website...Ryan-Mark Parsons, a 19 year old luxury womenswear consultant says 'I am the epitome of luxury' Oh dear.
  4. YamiKuriboh

    Scottish Golf

    Just read a pretty strong attack on 'elitist' Scottish golf clubs in The Guardian. A quote: Brexit, the 2008 banking crisis and many miscarriages of justice involving police and the judiciary were probably spawned in these hideous places. Well worth a read...
  5. YamiKuriboh

    The left hand/arm in the golf swing

    Other than holding the club, what role does the left hand/arm play in your swing? Do you lead with it on the backswing and the downswing? Do you pay any attention to it at all? I've been suffering with an over the top swing (common for high handicappers apparently) and someone in the clubhouse...
  6. YamiKuriboh

    Higher numbered Woods

    As a relatively new golfer (been playing for 3 and a bit years now), everyone I have spoken to has told me to focus on my iron striking as Woods are so hard to hit well, especially off the deck. Maybe look into hybrids if I need a bit more distance. In fact, rummaging through pro shops, I very...
  7. YamiKuriboh

    Private School

    Is it worth saving and sending kids to private school? I have searched the forum and I couldn’t find this discussed anywhere. It’s a question I keep asking myself. I need to commit and start saving now if it’s something that I want to do. Golf is an expensive hobby and is something that...
  8. YamiKuriboh

    Self-diagnosing swing faults

    After a pretty bad round I filmed my swing in the back garden. To me it looks like I’m taking the club too inside on the takeaway and coming slightly over the top on the downswing as a result. I’ve googled some drills to sort this out and plan to go to the range to work on this before my...
  9. YamiKuriboh

    The second shot

    Bit of advice on shot selection please on an area of the game I am struggling with. I'm a high handicapper (25) and a short hitter - drive 220yds, 7 iron (130-140 yards). My drive off the tee is generally good. I am struggling to know what to focus on in terms of the second shot. My course has...
  10. YamiKuriboh

    Drills and swing help

    Had a lesson and my pro identified some issues with my swing. He has given me some drills to try before my next lesson in a couple of weeks but i'm struggling to get anywhere. Does anyone have any other drills to recommend for my faults? My faults: 1. On the backswing, as I reach the top of the...
  11. YamiKuriboh

    Golf club car snobbery

    Does it matter what car you drive to the golf club? Visited a club a few weeks ago (I won't name it but it's quite a well known near Wolverhampton), with an AG voucher so not been there before. Had a few not so subtle digs at me by the members as I had used the wife's (slightly) dented Ford to...
  12. YamiKuriboh

    Fairway woods off the deck

    Who uses them and why over a long iron/hybrid? I've been struggling with my long irons and my hybrid can be hit or miss so am thinking that fairway woods might be a cure - bad shot with the hybrid is a top so a sweeping action might suit me. Does anyone have any advice before I invest. Thanks.
  13. YamiKuriboh

    Hitting at the green when there are people on it

    I always thought this was pretty poor form and you're justified in having a stern word with anyone who does this while you're on the green. Rory, however, seems to think it is acceptable: '"I was trying to get it to the front of the green and I was in two minds whether to hit it at that point...
  14. YamiKuriboh

    Garcia's 'fan'

    Not sure how I feel about this. He tweets Garcia for 206 days in a row begging to be his caddie. Garcia then caves in and gives him the job! Doing this to a LPGA player may have resulted in a trip to the courts.
  15. YamiKuriboh

    Lessons now?

    I should probably get some as my swing is getting worse, rather than better, and I haven't had any for while. Is anyone thinking of having lessons now given Winter is coming or are people deferring it to the new year?
  16. YamiKuriboh

    Your swing and your body parts

    I've been told by my pro (assistant actually as he was cheaper) to focus on my left shoulder on my backswing (turn under chin) and my belly button on my downswing (turn to ball). I'm not after swing thougts but what body part everyone else focuses on during backswing and downswing? Thanks.
  17. YamiKuriboh

    When you absolutely crush your irons

    Is there a better feeling in golf? I just love that whooshing sound :lol:
  18. YamiKuriboh

    Playing partners talking

    So in terms of etiquette at what point should your playing partners stop talking as you are preparing to take your shot? I got slightly annoyed that people were talking (making jokes even!) when I had finished my practice swings and was about to address the ball - it's at this point I normally...
  19. YamiKuriboh

    Swing plane

    Guys, does anyone have a link to a good source which explains the swing plane, particularly how to tell if your own swing is in plane if you recorded it? I have tried looking around the internet but it's just baffling. Thanks.
  20. YamiKuriboh

    The right arm takeaway

    Hi guys, i'm a high handicapper and have been struggling with my backswing. I stumbled across a post which talked about using a right arm takeaway as opposed to the traditional one piece that I have seen on TV analysis numerous times, youtube and also read about in Ben Hogan's book). I'll link...