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  1. HawkeyeMS


    Hopefully a quick one... Is there a percentage of the field that have to have finished for an abandoned comp to effectively be RO as opposed to all scores void? I have read 50% but can't find anything official?
  2. HawkeyeMS

    Billy Horshel

    Just holed a chip with a hybrid, chucked his club at his caddie\bag and stormed off to the next tee without even bothering to retrieve his ball leaving his FCs to finish the hole - knob
  3. HawkeyeMS

    Point ball last crossed the hazard

    Following on from my previous post titled "Sigh", I was wondering how you should/do go about identifying the point a ball last crossed the line of a Lateral Water Hazard (specifically a ditch) when the hazard is out of sight. I am sure that most people just measure 2 club lengths from where the...
  4. HawkeyeMS


    Playing today, one of my FCs hit his ball into the trees on the left of the 5th where it clattered around for a bit but no-one saw it drop. We eventually found it in the ditch that runs alongside the hole (red hazard) so I said "the only thing we need to do is establish where it last crossed". I...
  5. HawkeyeMS

    You get out what you put in, I hope

    If it is true that you get out what you put in, then my short game should start improving from now on. In the last two days alone I have hit hundreds of chips in the garden (probably over a thousand in the last week). Clearly it's not a perfect place to practice but when all you're doing is...
  6. HawkeyeMS

    Looking Good

    It's a big weekend at Blackmoor with the Salver tomorrow and the Wolmer Cup on Sunday. The green staff were out in force continuing preparations and the course is looking great. Along with the late summer when the heather flowers this is my favourite time of year. Let's hope I can post a score...
  7. HawkeyeMS

    Is it all about the ball?

    Putting that is? This may be a completely stupid question, and I'll admit it is based on just two competition rounds but is it possible that a ball can be suited to your putting stroke? The reason I ask is because I have just decided to give the AD333 Tour a go instead of my usual TM TP-X. My...
  8. HawkeyeMS

    Who rattled her cage?

    I dunno what it was like everywhere else but down here in Hampshire, Mother Nature threw a Ronaldo-esque strop last night: What a storm! I didn't think anything like that was possible here in the UK, I've seen some bad ones in Asia but that was up there with the worst of them. At one point it...
  9. HawkeyeMS

    ESR Application

    Yesterday we had a 36 hole competition. My starting handicap was 9.1 and in the morning round I narrowly missed the buffer. In the afternoon I shot 4 under CSS which is the second time in 4 qualifying rounds so triggered a 1 shot ESR. I was expecting my Handicap to be calculated as... 9.1 to...
  10. HawkeyeMS

    Of all the stupid ways to mess up...

    It was monthly stableford time at Blackmoor this morning. The weather was dry and calm and I've been in good form. So I plot my way around the course hitting the ball great and by the time I get to the 17th tee I've hit 10 fairways, 12 greens and I'm 3 over gross. I walk onto the tee, pick a...
  11. HawkeyeMS

    Bad Etiquette?

    If your club has a rule that says "Practising on any part of the course with more than two balls is prohibited." then that means you can practice as long as you don't use more than two balls right? That being the case, while playing a round with a mate, if you have finished a hole and there is...
  12. HawkeyeMS

    I'm a hypocrite...

    ...but hopefully for the right reasons. Tomorrow I'm playing Foresomes despite the fact everyone who knows me knows it is my least favourite format in golf, alright, I have openly said I hate it. Not only am I playing Foresomes, but I am representing Blackmoor for the first time :eek: Last...
  13. HawkeyeMS

    That's better

    Today is the first day this year that I have been able to nip out of work early and get to the club to practice on the practice ground rather than have to hit rubbish range balls off of a rubbish matt at the range. It's so much nicer hitting off of grass and taking divots and it means spring is...
  14. HawkeyeMS

    Golf in Orlando

    We're going back out to Florida in April and I'm looking for suggestions of where to play golf. We stay at Orange Lake so I will play most of my rounds there as it means Mrs Hawkeye and the in-laws can take the car and leave me to it. However, I was thinking of venturing out for a round this...
  15. HawkeyeMS

    What do you do when you simply can't remember?

    I played in the Monthly stableford this morning and played pretty well. A couple of mistakes but I holed a birdie putt on 18 for a 79 and 36 points. I checked my card with my marker and we both agreed so signed it. Then our other FC while checking his card (which I marked) says..."You've mixed...
  16. HawkeyeMS

    Putter Weight

    When adding weight to a putter, how much would you need to add before there was a noticeable difference? Say I had 30g currently, would adding another 20g change the feel significantly or would it need more?
  17. HawkeyeMS

    Stop the Press!

    Tiger shoots -4 in PGA Tour event - currently not in last place !!!
  18. HawkeyeMS

    Three off the Tee

    I was told of an incident today that I think tops any rules myth that has ever been discussed and if I'm honest, I'm still a little bit stunned by it. The story goes like this; The guy who told me about it tee'd off on the 2nd and hit his ball OOB so he reloaded. His second shot went into some...
  19. HawkeyeMS

    A few queries

    1) Is warning an opponent in foresomes that he is about to play out of turn (in that he is about to play a shot his partner is supposed to play) considered to be advice? 2) Does the etiquette of not standing on the line of your FCs or opponents putt still stand when they are not on the green?
  20. HawkeyeMS

    Wells Fargo Championship

    McIlroy is on fire right now, 6 under through 10 having just birdied the last 4 holes. I think he's in what they call "The Zone"