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    Top Tracer Edinburgh

    I have just moved to just outside Edinburgh and went to the top tracer range near by. How accurate is the data from Top Tracer as it appears that I have lost 10-15yards per club compared to the trackman range I was going to previously. For example my driver ball speed was 135mph but the carry...
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    Strokes Gained

    Hi Guys, I have just started to track my strokes gained stats and to be honest I am somewhat confused. These are my stats; Driving -1.19 Approach -0.59 Short Game -0.94 Putting +1.24 F/W hit 3 out of 7 the other 4 just run through the f/w with and average driving distance of 228yds Greens...
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    Steel Shafted 3 wood

    Hi Guys, I had my swing speed measured. For my driver I am swinging at 90mph, however, this is with a graphite shafted driver. What is really confusing is that I am swinging my steel-shafted 3 wood at 89 mph. I am really confused and now thinking of trying to find a steel-shafted driver and...
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    Loss of Iron distance

    Please excuse my dumb questions. I have come back to golf after a long layoff and have really lost distance with all of my clubs. My 8iron figures are as follows Launch Angle 30ish Carry 120yards Ball speed 90mph (i think) Driver figures Launch angle 17 Carry 215yards Ball speed 135mph I...