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  1. DaveM

    Golf Clubs

    As I'm just getting back into it after 2 years off, with a bust up leg. Looking for a flattish course to play. I know what most of the courses around Manchester are like. But has anyone played Bury or Pike Fold Courses that could give me the lowdown on them please.
  2. DaveM

    returning at last.

    Back to the game and here. It's taken ages to get right. Still not sure if I can walk the full 18 yet. But can swing ok, so it's off to the range to sort some kind of swing out first. Then the local municipals and take it from there. Greetings to one and all. Nice to be back.
  3. DaveM

    Paypal warning!!!

    There is a PayPal scam going around. Saying your account is suspended send details to reactivate. It's very very convincing. So beware.
  4. DaveM

    Gripping the putter.

    I was just wondering what is the most popular way to grip the putter. I hold it in the normal way, with the top hand fore finger over the lower fingers. I hold it as lightly as possible and still have control. Ok lads and lasses what do you do.
  5. DaveM

    Jaidee's caddy

    This seems a strange rule. I'm watching the golf at the moment and it appears that Jaidee's caddy has hurt his back. Anyway to cut a long story short. He has asked to use a trolley, but he can't use one as trolleys are not allowed on the European tour. I never knew that.
  6. DaveM

    ball on top of divot

    You hit a great driver down the middle (the best of the day). The ball comes to rest on top of a loose divot, that has not been replaced. What do you do?
  7. DaveM

    oakley shoes

    Are Oakley shoes true to size. Only they have them cheap on 24fore at the moment .
  8. DaveM

    Sorry another driver shaft question.

    At the moment I have an RBZ 10.5 driver. I hit it perfectly ok if a tad on the low side. I'm really bored at the moment with being laid up, fancy getting a new driver. For no reason other than to cheer myself up. Been thinking of getting a Ping G20. As its supposed to be easy to hit for those...
  9. DaveM

    Callaway SuperSoft balls.

    I've been thinking of giving these a go. Just wondered if any of you guys, had tried them and if so, what did you think of them?
  10. DaveM

    tipping a new shaft.

    Ok I'm going to put a new shaft I have hanging about into an old 7 wood. Normally you would trim 4 inches of the tip. I put one of the same shafts into a 5 wood tipped 3 inches. It feels a tad stiff. So if I don't tip trim or only trim by 1 inch, will it make it feel a bit softer. I think it...
  11. DaveM


    How many on here have had lessons and how many have never had any.
  12. DaveM

    the golf swing

    Sat here watching the open. Looking at all the different swings on show, got me wondering (this might apply more to self taught golfers out there).do you have a pro golfers swing you try and emulate? Myself I try and copy, well as close as I can, within my limitations, Mr Roses swing. To me his...
  13. DaveM

    new putting rules.

    Looking at the new putting rules. It throws up some interesting things. As it stands people like Adam Scott will still be able to use his long putter. As it is not anchored to his body and his arms above his elbow are not anchored either. The important part of the new rule is "the arms anchored...
  14. DaveM

    Scratch or better

    Interesting fact. Back in the 1970"s there were only 82 scratch or better amateur golfers in the UK. Now there are over. 3,200. Shows the improvement in equipment do you think.
  15. DaveM

    lie angle

    Just a quickly. Can someone give me an idea of the cost of having the lie altered on irons. Thanks in advance.
  16. DaveM

    for those who questioned
  17. DaveM

    A plug for our Bob.

    As most of you know I'm laid up at the moment. So to pass the time tidying up the odd small things needed in my swing. The only two thing really were ball position and sometime my arms tended to get a bit detached from my body at the top off my backswing. I have been using Bob's headcover drill...
  18. DaveM


    According to a mass survey done by some American golf association. When a average amateur golfer reaches the age of 35. He will not reduced his handicap by more than 3 shot. Whatever he does in the rest of his golfing life. Sweeping statement, but wonder how much truth there is in it?
  19. DaveM

    why oh why

    Looking back to past rounds (nowt better to do whilst layed up). Why can't I play to a better standard on a regular basis? Before the accident my handicap had drifted out to 12, not bad but not good. Then this happened went for a quick 18 at the local muni. Happily hacking my way around, I...
  20. DaveM

    Sorry another driver shaft question.

    Ok this one is a little different than the normal. I'm very happy with my driver and driving ! I hit it dead straight, but a bit on the low side flight wise. The average carry is well short of the forum average, around 210yrds. Well down I hear you all mutter! So here's my question if I change...