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  1. YorkshireStu

    Newish Golfer needing new irons!

    If you’re looking at new you wouldn’t go too far wrong with Wilson D9 irons at a touch above that budget. For used, at that budget you could probably pick up 2019-2020 years cavity irons on eBay at a reasonable price too if you’re happy with standard length and lie.
  2. YorkshireStu

    I bought today.....

    A box of TP5 Pix balls with the Snainton discount code. First time ordering some premium balls as I normally use AD333s. A bit of a treat and to see if I actually feel any difference. I might ration their usage to holes with no OOB though!
  3. YorkshireStu

    Waterproof recommendations?

    I would third this. I have a Jack Wolfskin jacket and it’s fantastic. If it was a ‘golf’ waterproof, it would probably have been at least 50% more expensive
  4. YorkshireStu

    Which ball for £15 a dozen

    In that price range I’d likely go AD333 or Bridgestone e6/e12 used balls. Work out just less than £1 per ball usually on eBay. I lose a sleeve of balls per round still so not too fussed about them being used if they’re A/Pearl grade. If I had to go new balls at that price point, I’d probably...
  5. YorkshireStu

    Druids golf clothing

    I got one of their ambassador packs and have been really impressed with the quality. Got a gilet, polo, pullover and a cap in their Black Friday deal last year. Delivery was fast as well. My next clothing purchase will be waterproofs so not sure if I’ll consider them or a more established name...
  6. YorkshireStu

    How many shots are full custom fit clubs worth?

    If you’re average height and build you should save a couple of shots from having been fitted. You’ll likely to push/pull less with the correct set up and hone in distance and dispersion a bit more. I’m 6ft 5in and whilst still a high-ish handicapper (23), I felt a big improvement in...
  7. YorkshireStu

    Course recommendations please!!

    A prestigious little trio you could take on would be Moortown, Alwoodley and either Headingley GC or Moor Allerton. Bit more of a trek for you up to North Leeds but a well known hot bed of quality courses all close to each other.
  8. YorkshireStu

    I bought today.....

    A Slazenger driver and 7 iron for my six year old from Sports Direct. He has a 9 iron already that he’s starting to hit well and a putter too. After seeing some Leo Boniface videos on Instagram he really wants to go to our local par 3 for a little knock. Hopefully if we keep it light hearted and...
  9. YorkshireStu

    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    I went round the Par 30 Academy course twice at Woolley Park GC today. The first loop in 36 and the second loop in 37. Feeling happy about my game today.
  10. YorkshireStu

    12 degree driver

    I have my G425 Max set at 11.5 degrees from my fitting. I’ve not played about with adjusting it down but I hit my older TM driver okay at 10.5 degree. I get more carry and forgiveness now but less roll out which felt like a good trade off.
  11. YorkshireStu

    I bought today.....

    Some alignment sticks from Decathlon... the big new store in Leeds is rather fancy, I knew I’d end up buying something there
  12. YorkshireStu

    Driver advice..

    I guess it’s all relative though. My gain of 25 yards is from a 220 to 245 average. That’s not big hitting by any stretch but as I said getting something that suits can make a difference in its own right.
  13. YorkshireStu

    Driver advice..

    I’ve gained approx 25 yards and a much tighter dispersion pattern moving from a Taylormade Burner driver (unfit) to a custom fit Ping G425 Max. I’m not sure that kind of gain is possible for someone who has clubs that are already reasonably well suited for them. I had a 10 year tech catch up, a...
  14. YorkshireStu

    I bought today.....

    Taylormade Hi Toe wedge 58 degree loft with 10 bounce. That’s my bag fully fit, replaced and upgraded from my beginner clubs which were all differing shaft flexes and standard length and lie ... Except for my putter, I love my putter so that has stayed in the bag! Ping G425 Max driver (set to...
  15. YorkshireStu

    First Round in Forever

    I wouldn’t go any further back than the yellows but if you can play off the reds, why not? It’s more appropriate to your playing level than gender, so the forward tees would be ideal to get swinging again.
  16. YorkshireStu


    I’ll second this. I have the trolley and a waterproof bag which are great and I recently ordered some clothes which were good quality too.
  17. YorkshireStu

    Most overlooked thing in the golf swing

    Alignment is the big thing for me. Simple errors out of misalignment and aim cost shots even when you have a good strike. You need to ensure you’re rewarded for striking it well, so that when you’re not you have room in your score for that to happen.
  18. YorkshireStu

    I bought today.....

    I’ve got the Druid trolley and the phone holder works perfectly. My brother has a Motocaddy Cube and it works for that too. The rubber is a tiny bit stiff at first use but it stretches over my iPhone nice and easily now. For only £5.99 I’d recommend...
  19. YorkshireStu

    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    Played Moor Allerton for the first time today and what a fantastic course across the 10-27 loop. The 18th was a toughie and I inevitably put the ball in the green side water! 28 stableford points, first time out with my new irons and on new course - I’ll take that. No wonder Peter Aliss was a...
  20. YorkshireStu

    I bought today.....

    A reversible black or grey Under Armour belt and a mobile phone holder which attaches to my golf trolley - means I can use Hole19 without faffing around getting my phone out of pockets etc