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  1. Pin-seeker

    Rick Shiels plays St Andrews.

    If you’re not interested in watching all of this Just forward to the 18th 🤯
  2. Pin-seeker

    Robot caddy

    Anyone fancy one of these? 😂
  3. Pin-seeker

    Murcia golf

    Can anyone recommend golf in the Murcia region? Thanks
  4. Pin-seeker

    Wtd 5w headcover

    Managed to lose mine 🤦‍♂️ It’s for a Ping,but will take anything decent if anyone’s got one they want to move on. Thanks.
  5. Pin-seeker

    Bowood golf resort,Wiltshire.

    Ive been invited to play it,would appreciate anyone’s opinions on the course as it’s a bit of a drive for me & just weighing up if it’s worth the trip. Cheers.
  6. Pin-seeker

    Is this a hole in one?

    Common sense says yes🤷‍♂️ If it’s not how do you play your next shot?
  7. Pin-seeker

    Ping crossover 3 iron wanted

    Anyone got one they want to move on?
  8. Pin-seeker

    Wanted - Hybrid

    Reg shaft 22deg. What you got gathering dust?
  9. Pin-seeker

    Tiger v Phil

    I actually think this could be decent. And one will be forced to watch it 👍
  10. Pin-seeker

    My local course

    Not a member,but play it quite a lot. Really good course all year round.
  11. Pin-seeker

    Jeffrey Epstein This is a good listen if anyone’s interested. No way did he kill himself.
  12. Pin-seeker

    Idiot or not?
  13. Pin-seeker

    Club selection

    I’m definitely guilty of this at times.
  14. Pin-seeker

    Would you do it?

  15. Pin-seeker

    Custom fitting flawed?

    He makes some good points. Thoughts?
  16. Pin-seeker

    Michael jackson So what are people’s thoughts? Was he a nonce?
  17. Pin-seeker

    Jeremy Clarkson

    Not really a big Jezza fan. But he makes some good points here
  18. Pin-seeker

    Sky deals

    My current contract with Sky is up. I have Tv,Broadband & landline with them. What deals are you currently on?
  19. Pin-seeker


    What’s gone wrong?
  20. Pin-seeker

    Sky Sports pundits

    Are sky sports now employing female pundits just to tick a few boxes? This isn’t a sexist post as quite a few of the men are equally as bad. Phil Thompson prime example.