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  1. Ross61

    Golf shorts

    Does anybody know a manufacturer that does golf shorts in different leg measurements? I have short legs for my height and standard leg length hang down below the knee. I don’t like that style and some golf clubs have dress codes that don’t allow it either.
  2. Ross61

    Golf England members website now live!

    Just tried the England golf “my account” webpage and it is now open! I had to reregister using my CDH number and now know my new handicap index which is exactly as I predicted.
  3. Ross61

    WHS Hard Cap

    I’m fully expecting my new handicap index to be Hard capped as I have been playing very poorly and the average of my best 8 from 20 is around 8 more than my handicap was in April this year. April handicap 21 average of 8 from 20 is around 29. I have improved in the last month or two and even...
  4. Ross61

    Pile of sticks gathered by Greenkeepers

    I found my ball in the middle of a pile of fallen sticks in a wooded area. They appear to have been gathered as they were all pilled generally in parallel. I know the area had been tidied up during the lockdown. In the rules I can find in the definition of GUR that free relief is appropriate if...
  5. Ross61

    Casual water on the green

    I was played some time ago on a rainy day with casual water on most greens. As I stood on the tee of a long par 3, the head greenkeeper ( low handicap player) was returning from squeegeeing the green. He said to me that he had left the squeegee next to the green if we needed it. I ended up with...
  6. Ross61

    No more golf for faldo series winner

    2011 Faldo series final winner won't be playing golf for a good few years. No sympathy.
  7. Ross61

    Trophy/Milestone Balls

    Am I mad or do others keep the ball of round that you broke your PB. I now have 3 balls that I achieved a significant drop in best score. I've written the score and date on them. They are only in a box in the garage, not on display in the house though! Anybody else do something similar?
  8. Ross61

    Davis Cup - ouch!

    Umpire injured! I've been watching the Davis cup deciding Match. The Canadian Shapovalov is losing by 2 sets to love, he then drops his serve in the 3rd game and then whacks a ball at top speed towards the crowd but hits the umpire full in the eye. Ice packs the lot looks very nasty. Canadian...
  9. Ross61

    New ball memories

    With Mikey's ball threads, it made me think of new balls when i started golf in the early '70s. I remember them coming wrapped in cellophane as in the pic. I used to love unwrapping one of these. In my head I can still smell and hear the crackle of the cellophane. It just seemed something...
  10. Ross61

    Rooney international retirement 2018

    As cynical sod, am I alone in thinking the announcement that Rooney will retire from international football after the 2018 World Cup a ploy to keep himself in the squad? Would there be calls to have him dropped knowing he intends to retire, when he announces that he wants to end his England...
  11. Ross61

    Two lost balls

    If you play a shot and being unsure if you will find it, you play a provisional which also goes in a poor spot but not in the same area as the first ball. Do you get 5 minutes to look for the first ball and then 5 minutes for the other or 5 minutes total to look for both balls?
  12. Ross61

    Ping Gmax problem

    i bought Ping Gmax irons a few months ago and all was well until a couple of weeks ago when the "custom tuning port" or back weight fell out. Luckily I found the weight and took the club back to the pro who I bought them from. He repaired it and all was well. 2 weeks later 2 more clubs lost...
  13. Ross61

    Ball marker moved by another ball

    I was playing in a comp and on a green I marked my ball. Another player was a few yards further away. I asked if my marker was on his line and did he want me to move it. He said that it was ok where it was. He then putted and hit my marker and flipped it over. I was unsure if the marker had...